Major colleges and universities turn to Miura for efficient campus steam boiler solutions that reduce emissions and promote outstanding energy savings. As the world leader in ultra low-NOx modular, on-demand steam solutions, Miura offers cost-effective installations that are reliable, safe, and highly adaptive to fluctuating steam demands. Our uniquely designed steam boilers systems are compact, which makes them particularly ideal for universities looking to replace their antiquated boiler rooms with a more eco-friendly solution that saves space and energy.

In some cases, campuses are contemplating the replacement of their central steam plants with a more decentralized approach, placing boilers closer to the point-of-use. Miura’s small, modular design is ideal for this application.

What are steam boilers used for on university campuses?

Load times may vary when it comes to generating steam for dormitories and classrooms. Trying to accommodate the huge swing in demand from classes in-session to school breaks, as well as seasonal changes, are all easy for Miura’s modular, quick response design to handle.

University steam boilers

Case Studies

Read the detailed case studies below for a look at how Miura has played a role in supporting some of the country’s most respected educational institutions: