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Remote Boiler Monitoring Systems: Get a real-time, remote view of all the connected equipment in your boiler room.

The Miura Connect web-based portal is a remote boiler monitoring service that provides a real-time view of connected equipment in the boiler room. The equipment data is stored and used by the customer, Miura personnel, and representatives to track system health, generate scheduled reports, and provide proactive maintenance schedules to ensure optimal system reliability. The operator sets notification preferences to receive real-time boiler room notifications and alerts directly to their smartphone. There they can easily access relevant information and search for technical documentation in seconds.

Miura Connect Subscription Tiers
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Steam Generation At Your Fingertips
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Standard Features
Technical Documentation

Integrated Technical Documentation

Get the data you need when you need it with easily available content at your fingertips. Quickly find supporting documents to aid in daily tasks, such as water logs and maintenance procedures. Operators can access manuals and technical documentation for connected Miura equipment in one place.

Data Report Generation

Data Report Generation

Previously time-consuming reports are now automated. Create custom historical data reports in seconds for quick visibility and trend analysis. Customize the start and end date timeline, or view full lifetime info to easily generate CSV reports.

Cyber Security

Cyber Security

The data collected from the IoT sensors is encrypted securely and automatically transferred to the Miura Connect panel using industry standard protocols. The flow of information is transferred one way from each piece of equipment to Miura Connect to ensure information security is guaranteed.

Multiple Location Monitoring

Multiple Location Remote Boiler Monitoring

Miura remote boiler monitoring systems allow you to view multiple boiler rooms from one centralized location. Miura Connect gives managers a birds-eye view into the health of the organization's critical steam generation infrastructure nationwide to proactively monitor, conduct trend analysis, ensure procedural compliance, and schedule maintenance or inspections.

Real Time Monitoring

View Equipment in Real-Time

Conduct remote boiler monitoring in real-time using the latest IoT technology. Boiler operators, company management, Miura representatives and technicians can quickly and easily access boiler room data from anywhere Internet is available to stay informed. Connect additional ancillary equipment using auxiliary PLC contacts mapped to the customizable dashboard – giving you a centralized and secure view into your boiler room and surrounding equipment.

Tailored Alerts

Tailored Alarm Notifications

Stay informed from wherever you are with instant text or email notifications for boiler room equipment cautions and alarms. The real-time and informative data gives operators a step in the right direction to take precautionary measures before problems arise. Individual users can adjust notification settings based on employee roles or preferences.

Data Tracking and Trending

Data Tracking and Trending

Historical data is securely stored in the cloud and used for process consistency by the customer, Miura personnel, and representatives. Trending data aids in understanding boiler room equipment health and areas in need of attention. Users can view the stored data and select customized date ranges to study problems to make an informed decision on the parts and tools to fix it right the first time.

Subscription Packages
Basic Plus

Real-Time Monitoring

Miura Boilers (over 100 unique signals)

Miura MW-U Water Softeners

Miura Colormetry Hardness Monitor

Other Ancillaries and Equipment Monitoring
includes 16 dry contacts, 7 analog and 4 thermocouple. Additional inputs available upon request.

Real-Time Alerts

SMS (Text) Alerts

Email Alerts

Data Storage

30-day historical stored data available

365-day historical stored data available


Knowledge Database and Support Features

Integrated Water Testing Log

Basic Monthly Reports

Detailed Monthly Reports

Users and Asset Connections

User Limit

2 10

Primary Assets (Boiler, DA, etc)

Up to 3 Assets Included
(4 or more @ additional charge)

Miura Ancillaries*


Building Automation Integration

Local Data Output (Modbus)

* Miura Ancillaries include MW Softeners and Colormetry. Other Ancillaries connect through the standard I/O Package

No matter the industry or organization, there is a Miura Connect package that meets your remote boiler monitoring needs and provides
value to operators and managers. Contact one of our experts to discuss which package is right for you.

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Continuous Improvement

As technology and customers’ needs continue to evolve, so will Miura Connect.

Leveraging 30+ years of experience with remote boiler monitoring systems, Miura is proud to launch this next generation mobile, cloud based, customer accessible platform. The nature of this application and the IoT Technology which enables it will allow Miura to continue to optimize the offering and to add additional features and value along the way. Miura Connect will be a living application, with upgrades and features becoming automatically available without the need for on-site updates or additional hardware in most cases.

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