As the world leader in ultra-low NOx modular on-demand steam solutions, Miura modular boilers are reliable, safe, and highly adaptive to the fluctuating steam demands of hospitals and other medical facilities. Many hospitals around the globe choose our EX Series Dual Fuel Steam Boiler that quickly and easily switches between #2 oil and natural gas/propane when fuel curtailing is a reality. Miura boilers easily integrate with pure and clean steam-to-steam generators, satisfying all healthcare steam requirements.

How are steam boilers used in hospitals and other medical facilities?

A safe, energy-efficient steam boiler is necessary to maintain a healthy humidity level and power autoclave sterilizers. Capable of efficiently supplying steam under fluctuating load demands, Miura industrial boilers offer space-savings incentives that transform and improve the layout and functionality of your new or existing boiler room and will keep your steam going in the event of an occurring boiler issue.

Hospital steam boilers

Case Studies

In the process of choosing a hospital steam boiler? Over the years, Miura has helped numerous healthcare facilities streamline their operations with our highly efficient hospital steam solutions. Browse our success stories below for a look at how Miura steam boilers have played a role in supporting these facilities.