Steam Boilers for Hospitals

As the world leader in ultra-low NOx modular on-demand steam solutions, Miura modular boilers are reliable, safe, and highly adaptive to the fluctuating steam demands of hospitals and other medical facilities. Many hospitals around the globe choose our EX Series Dual Fuel Steam Boiler that quickly and easily switches between #2 oil and natural gas/propane when fuel curtailing is a reality. Miura boilers easily integrate with pure and clean steam-to-steam generators, satisfying all healthcare steam requirements.


Keeping patients and staff warm and maintaining a humidity level between 30% to 60%, which helps prevent the development of certain viruses and mold, and bacteria, is essential in a medical environment. Hospital boilers must be able to handle the seasonal steam load demands as they pump steam throughout large buildings through cold winters. Watertube steam boilers with a 5-minute start-up generate steam and warmth rapidly when needed.

A portion of the steam produced by hospital boilers gets pumped into an autoclave sterilizer, a system used to sterilize medical tools and instruments used to perform surgeries. Using steam instead of other sterilization methods is safer and ensures the equipment is free of germs and bacteria.

Top Benefits of a Miura Hospital Boiler

Miura prioritizes safety, reliability, and efficiency when providing hospitals with world-class steam solutions.

1. Dual Fuel

Top Benefits of a Miura Hospital Boiler
Boiler room at St. Luke’s Hospital in Missouri.

Hospitals are critical infrastructure, so they must have a backup fuel source should their main fuel be unavailable to heat the hospital and provide steam for sterilization. Dual-fuel boilers allow hospitals to switch between fuel options for increased reliability.

If a hospital is running on an interruptible fuel plan to enjoy lower annual rates (which in turn gives their utility company permission to turn off a hospital’s gas supply during the peak season to prevent high gas demands and short supplies), then a dual-fuel boiler is necessary to maintain steam output.

The EX-Series is our dual-fuel boiler line. These boilers are equipped to run on gaseous fuels (natural gas or propane) and #2 fuel oil. In the event of curtailment of the primary fuel, our boilers can quickly and easily fire the alternative fuel, preventing unexpected downtime and ensuring ongoing steam and heat production.

“The hospitals have to be able to have redundancy fuel if there is a natural gas interruption, and with the Miura boiler, you can simply do that with the flip of a switch.” Mike Mazzei, Boiler Divisions Manager for Premium Solutions

2. N+1 Redundancy

In addition to alternative fuel, hospitals are required to maintain onsite backup capacity for critical infrastructural systems. In the case of hospital boilers, N+1 redundancy refers to a failsafe where if one steam boiler fails, there is a backup boiler to take its place to meet the hospital’s ongoing heat and steam requirements.

The Miura Boiler offers many benefits in regard to redundancy:

  • Turn On Only When Needed: Unlike traditional firetube steam boilers, which need several hours to heat up, a Miura Ex-Series boiler can fire up immediately to prevent unnecessary and costly idling, keeping the boiler warm.
  • Cost Effective: Miura modular boiler systems only require one of the modules as a backup and not a full system backup. This greatly reduces the cost of the N+1 redundancy.
  • Small Footprint: An EX series boiler’s compact design frees up precious space for a hospital to put to other use instead of housing a large backup boiler.

3. Compact Size

In the healthcare industry, real estate comes at a premium. Many hospitals are discovering that with compact technology like Miura steam boilers, which occupy 33% less floor space than a typical firetube boiler, they no longer have to invest in one or two massive boilers that take up large amounts of space.

4. Safety

Miura boilers are safer by design, protecting technicians and operators from unnecessary injuries like burns, cuts, or falls. Not only does their low water content help prevent catastrophic failures, but their compact size and easy accessibility, coupled with Miura’s state-of-the-art remote monitoring technology, make them safer for operators to install, use, monitor, and maintain.

Miura boilers are highly-automated and offer operators access to real-time data about the state of each boiler unit, so they can take preventative action where necessary to prevent anything from going wrong.

5. Efficiency

As hospitals become more “green” in response to climate change and national and regional emissions regulations, they must have a steam solution that aligns with the rest of the facility’s sustainability goals. An efficient steam boiler burns less fuel to generate steam, which helps lower operating costs and reduce harmful CO2 and NOx emissions.

6. Reliability

Hospitals provide perhaps the most critical services to people; therefore, they need a completely reliable steam solution that is always in proper working order. The EX-series boiler is easy to monitor for issues before they become a real problem. Each boiler has its own BL controller, which alerts operators and technicians of any faults with a boiler and what the issue is. Miura Connect gives operators, managers, and technicians a remote and real-time view of all the connected critical steam infrastructure in a hospital’s boiler room. According to Greg Ludwig, Lead Service Technician at Premium Solutions, this leads to critical time savings:

“We are not on site all day trying to figure out a small problem. With the real-time data, we can get in, get to it, get it set up, get it corrected.”

7. Service and Maintenance

When a hospital invests in a steam boiler system, they’re investing in the future. Miura boilers are built to last, so our customers can be confident in the smooth running of operations within their facilities. And we prioritize a “predict and prevent” mentality. We combine remote monitoring systems and knowledgeable maintenance services to rapidly diagnose and repair issues before they become expensive problems. Our approach provides greater reliability and avoids unexpected setbacks. Miura is a partner for the life cycle of the machine, and our exceptional service ensures our customers get the most out of their steam boiler investment.

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Miura’s steam boilers satisfy all healthcare steam requirements with built-in redundancies, expert maintenance support, and cost-effective and environmentally-friendly features. They are designed for the continued smooth running of hospital operations, no matter the circumstance.

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Case Studies

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