Steam Boilers for Food and Beverage Processing

Miura provides leading steam solutions for the food and beverage processing industry. Miura modular steam boilers are energy-efficient, reliable, safe, and designed to maximize operational efficiency for food and beverage processing companies.

Steam Boilers for Food and Beverage Processing

Using Steam Boilers for Food and Beverage Processing

Steam boilers are essential in many areas of a food processing plant, including sanitation and food preparation. A sanitary environment is a top priority for any company producing food or beverage products. Guidelines from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the FDA, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention maintain that steam from a boiler is the safest and most hygienic option to keep surfaces, tools, and equipment clean.

Steam boilers are also used to prepare or cook food and beverage products, such as boiling water and steaming food. So, a reliable and cost-efficient steam solution is vital whether you’re a vegetable processor, a dairy plant, or in beverage production.

Miura Boilers for the Food Industry: The Top Benefits

Miura boilers are a great asset to any food or beverage manufacturing company. Miura understands how important it is for food processors to keep quality high and costs low, and Miura steam boilers are the perfect solution to maintain the balance. Our boilers are safer by design, compact, reliable, and efficient.

Safety in the Workplace

Miura prioritizes safety so boiler room operators can install, use and maintain the steam boilers with confidence. Automated monitoring systems give operators access to real-time data so they know when and what steps to take to prevent damage to the boiler and injuries to themselves. Miura boilers are compact and easy to walk around during inspections. We’ve included extra safety designs to protect operators against burns, cuts, or falls. And, as Miura boilers require less water in their water tubes, there is a massively reduced risk of catastrophic explosions.

Compact and Scalable

In a busy food processing plant, there isn’t much space to spare. And dedicating a lot of real estate to a boiler room is a luxury many companies don’t have. Miura’s space-friendly steam boilers have a smaller footprint than traditional firetube boilers, so they take up less room without sacrificing production output. And, if production and operations need to increase, a Miura boiler room can grow simultaneously by adding extra modular boiler units to the existing boiler system.

Rapid Start-Up for Fluctuating Steam Demands

While steam boilers are vital in running food processing plants, most operations don’t require constant steam 24/7. Traditional boilers have a very long start-up time, so they’re often left running in standby mode, resulting in higher energy use and costs.

Unlike traditional boilers, Miura’s steam boilers use a “once-through” fin tube design to heat smaller volumes of water quickly. Our boilers are ready to produce steam in five minutes or less, so they can respond rapidly to fluctuating steam requirements. The quick warmup and cooldown systems reduce waste and fuel consumption, allowing food processing companies to maintain their compliance with greenhouse gas emission standards, depending on their State.

N+1 Redundancy for Continued Operations

Food processing companies deal with time- and environment-sensitive consumables. So, they must have access to a ready steam supply to maintain operations. Food processing companies need full redundancy and a failsafe backup boiler. A Miura boiler is space-efficient and can start quickly, so they’re ideal backup boilers for N+1 redundancy.

Long-term Reliability and Easy Maintenance

A steam boiler in food industry operations must be reliable. Processing companies can’t risk any unexpected downtime or an unsanitary environment due to a loss of steam service. A reliable steam boiler helps food and beverage processing plants avoid system shutdowns and halted productivity.

Miura knows that an investment in a steam solution is an investment in a business’s future. Miura steam boilers are built to last so food processing companies can future-proof their steam investment. Miura has also made boiler maintenance and monitoring easy. BL controllers on every Miura boiler help controllers monitor and manage each boiler in the system and alert operators to any issues affecting individual boilers. BL controllers provide real-time information about each boiler’s water levels and steam pressure and also oversee the boiler’s safety systems.

Miura follows a “predict and prevent” strategy, helped by Miura Connect which allows real-time remote viewing of the equipment in the boiler room so potential issues can be tackled timeously.

Fuel and Water Efficient

Environmentally-friendly solutions are increasingly necessary in the fight against climate change. National and regional emissions regulations have been enacted to ensure companies don’t overproduce harmful CO2 and NOx emissions. Food processing plants require a considerable amount of steam, making it tricky to comply with national or regional emissions standards. An energy-friendly steam solution is, therefore, essential. Miura’s boilers require less fuel to generate steam and use less water, so they help lower emissions, costs, and water usage.

Miura Helps Titan Frozen Fruits Maximize Their Success

Miura provides steam solutions to Titan Frozen Fruits, an industry leader based in Santa Maria, California. With competitors across the globe, Titan scaled rapidly to become the premium solution for frozen strawberries. Strict emissions and water-use regulations in California meant Titan needed an upgraded processing facility with a smaller footprint and lower energy consumption without compromising on state-of-the-art technology.

To achieve its ambitious low-energy consumption goal, Titan turned to Miura for a customized steam solution that flew well below the emission regulation standards but produced the large amount of steam needed for Titan to operate as a global player. Titan chose three Miura LX-100 boilers to provide ample steam power and use less fuel.

With their quick start-up, our Miura boilers were an ideal choice for responding to the processing plant’s fluctuating steam demands while reducing energy wastage. Miura’s comprehensive steam boiler solution helped Titan achieve its conservation goals while maintaining high production and low costs.

Learn More About Steam Boilers For Food and Beverage Processing

Miura steam boilers will help your food processing company run efficiently, keeping emissions low and employees safe. Our complete solutions selling and lifecycle partnership philosophy ensure you get the most out of your investment by providing excellent support and maintenance services over the long term.

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