A Day in the Life of a Miura Steam Boiler Maintenance Technician

A Day in the Life of a Miura Steam Boiler Maintenance Technician

Miura boilers are renowned for their safety, efficiencies, reliability, and cutting-edge technology. But, it’s not just our customers who benefit from our boiler’s advanced design. For Miura technicians, performing regular inspections and maintenance on a Miura boiler is remarkably safe and easy, thanks to each boilers’ modular and compact size and state-of-the-art diagnostic technology.

What Does a Miura Boiler Maintenance Technician Do?

Miura’s steam boiler maintenance technicians are responsible for preventative maintenance and inspections of Miura clients’ industrial steam boilers. They routinely perform two types of inspections for our clients: Full or Basic.

A basic check is less rigorous than a full inspection and generally does not involve taking a boiler unit apart for assessment. The complete inspection is considerably more extensive, taking approximately three to four hours.

A full evaluation is included in the Miura Maintenance Program contract and is a thorough and effective way to maintain efficiencies and mitigate risk.

However, Miura boiler technicians do more than perform routine manual assessments. Advanced diagnostic tools enable Miura technicians to run real-time diagnostics and reconfigurations of a boiler room’s steam system to identify faults and issues and alert maintenance staff to take action when necessary.

Take a Load Off with Miura’s Monitoring Technologies

Our proactive approach to maintenance is one of the many benefits of investing in one of our Miura steam boiler systems. Our client’s full-time boiler operators generally oversee the daily course of boiler room operations, including monitoring for changes within the system and performing ongoing maintenance activities, such as changing air filters, doing blowdowns, and cleaning the burners.

Miura Online Maintenance

They are assisted by our unique Miura Online Maintenance (MOM) remote monitoring and diagnostic tools. The system alerts operators to any issues and even enables them to troubleshoot on-site. MOM can also connect them to an off-site Miura engineer for additional analysis and troubleshooting support.

Miura Connect

New to our boiler room monitoring technologies is Miura Connect. Miura Connect gives operators and other control room staff a real-time and remote view of their critical steam infrastructure to track the health of their system using any connected smart device.

These protocols are an excellent way to ensure reliable and safe long-term service. However, our scheduled on-site inspections add an extra layer of safety and reliability to a company’s steam room operations.

Miura Technicians Are at a Significant Safety Advantage Due to the High Level of Automation Involved In an Inspection

Miura’s MOM system enables inspections to begin before the technician even sets foot on site. Using MOM, our technicians can get a comprehensive monthly report covering steam output history, fault history, thermal control and maintenance data, calculated fuel consumption, and other details. In this way, the technician arrives on the premises already armed with valuable information to guide their inspections.

Miura’s BL Micro Controller

That said, the MOM system does more than provide remote monitoring. On-site, the technician can interface the MOM system with each Miura boiler’s BL Micro Controller. All Miura maintenance technicians are equipped with a specialized MOM terminal unit that engages directly with the BL Controller.

It’s easy to monitor and manage each unit’s configuration, as each BL Controller acts as a microprocessor that controls all aspects of the boiler unit. Technicians have access to real-time data about the boiler’s condition, including steam pressure, water levels, runtime, feedwater, and scale monitor temperatures.

It’s the faster, more efficient, and safer way for technicians to get all the necessary information and make essential changes to the Miura boiler’s system.

How Else Are Miura Boilers Engineered for Safe and Easy Inspections?

Miura’s compact steam boilers are safer and more efficient to operate, inspect and maintain.

While any full inspection involves checking the steam pressure vessel’s interior and exterior, our technicians never have to climb inside a Miura boiler to complete their evaluation.

In fact, Miura boilers don’t even have manways or manway covers; instead, a borescope camera is inserted into the boiler to take images and videos to inspect the water tubes inside the pressure vessel for any scale, corrosion, and overall cleanliness and integrity.

The protocol is more efficient and ahead of the regulatory curve, already conforming to exacting new requirements by the National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors’ 2021 National Board Inspection Code (NBIC) for remote visualization for confined space entry.

A borescope is also used to inspect the external conditions of the tubes on the boiler’s fireside. In addition, the burner is removed and inspected. The outside of the pressure vessel is examined for signs of tube leaks, water build-up, rust, flame impingement, and flame damage.

Inspectors also ensure safety systems are in complete working order, including ensuring safety shutdown switches are in good condition. When each boiler is brought back online, the technician checks all controls and shutdowns.

Beyond Safety: Achieving Optimal Performance

Site inspections are not just about ensuring boiler longevity and preventing incidents. Technicians also perform tuning to achieve optimal emissions output.

By ensuring the correct ratio of air to fuel is achieved, the technician provides the highest efficiency level, ensuring maximum heat is reached within EPA emissions ranges.

Miura boiler systems can achieve a remarkable balance of impressive flame and low emissions.

Businesses Prize Miura Boilers for Their Efficiency, Performance, and Exceptional Safety

With regular inspections built into our scheduled maintenance programs, customers also get the additional guarantee that their boiler systems are routinely inspected by expert technicians using the latest technology. Scheduled inspections help protect their steam room infrastructure by ensuring each boiler receives the appropriate maintenance and care for a long and productive lifespan.

Contact Miura to arrange a boiler service or inspection to keep your Miura boiler running efficiently and effectively. It’s more than a routine safety check; our technicians are on hand to ensure your boiler performs at its best, producing maximum output and minimum emissions as cost-effectively as possible.