Steam Boilers for Breweries & Distilleries

Miura is the leader in innovative steam boilers for distilleries and beer breweries. Our unique industrial steam boiler design allows us to provide energy-efficient and cost-effective steam solutions to breweries and distilleries of various sizes. Our modular steam boiler systems help clients grow and optimize their businesses, from multinational distilleries to local craft breweries.

Steam Boilers for Breweries & Distilleries

Steam Boilers for the Brewing and Distilling Processes

A reliable steam boiler system is necessary for any brewery or distillery. In addition to providing high-quality steam to heat kettles, steam is also required for sterilization and pasteurization during the kegging, bottling, or canning process.

Steam Boilers for Breweries

When purchasing a steam boiler for a brewery, you’re investing in the efficiency of your brewing process. Steam is used for boiling wort, the liquid extracted during the mashing process as the beer or whiskey is brewed. The wort’s boiling process is critical to the brew’s ultimate flavor, color, and PH levels. So a safe, reliable, and accurate steam energy source is essential to ensure that each beer brewed meets the brewery’s optimum standards. Steam boilers contribute more to the craft brewing process than just heating the ingredients. They also play a crucial role in cleaning and sterilizing equipment and containers used in brewing.

Steam Boilers for Distilleries

A premium steam boiler is a requirement for any distillery wanting to produce premium spirits safely and reliably. Steam is a central player in distillation as it separates the alcohol from the mash or beer. The nature of distilled spirits means the process requires clean and consistent steam and precise temperature maintenance for different spirits.

The distillation process (heating, vaporizing, condensing, and cooling the liquid) is repeated several times, raising the alcohol content and refining the spirit. Not only confined to creating spirits, steam is also key in extracting flavors and aromatics and ensuring the product’s taste meets production standards. And just like in breweries, distilleries can use the steam from their boiler to ensure all their instruments and equipment are sanitized before making spirits.

Why Choose Miura?

Industrial steam boilers are vital to brewing and distilling. Choosing a steam boiler for your brewery or distillery is a long-term investment – so you want to make the best decision and select a boiler system that meets your current and future needs.

Compact in design and easy to operate, Miura modular boiler systems are designed to increase efficiency, promote sustainability, and boost productivity. Our modular boilers help lower operating costs and meet fluctuating steam demands. Gone are the days of coming in two hours early to warm up the boiler. With Miura boilers, you can go from cold startup to full steam output in less than five minutes, so they’re not firing around the clock, which also helps to reduce harmful NOx emissions dramatically. Plus, with a multiple boiler system design, we provide a backup boiler with a smaller footprint that doesn’t need to stay running except if required.

Compact Design for Scale

Miura compact steam boilers allow the boiler system to fit in smaller floor spaces, making it adaptable to larger and smaller organizations. Our boiler’s modular design allows growing brewers and distillers to add capacity to their boiler rooms as needed, avoiding unnecessary and costly upfront investments.

Safe to Operate

Miura industrial steam boilers have been built for safety, reliability, and sustainability. Miura’s physical design and innovative engineering offer several other safety and efficiency advantages over traditional firetube boilers, including improved accessibility, easier system testing, and no more sight glass. Our boilers always maintain low-volume water content in their tubes; a small amount of heated water in one tube limits the risks of dangerous pressure vessel failures.

Lifetime Partnership and Support

When we fit your organization with a brewing or distilling boiler, we join your team, ensuring the system runs smoothly, 24/7. We provide life-cycle maintenance and service, and our technicians are on hand to assist your boiler-room employees with any questions or training needs. Our remote monitoring data means a rapid response to any issue, no matter how minor. We believe in fixing it before it fails so you don’t end up with an expensive problem.

Find Out More About Our Brewing or Distilling Boiler Options Today

Our clients choose the number one steam boiler for brewery or distilling operations, so they can benefit from reliable steam solutions and focus on producing premium products.

If your brewery or distillery needs efficient, dependable industrial steam solutions, contact a Miura representative to learn more about our boiler room products today.

Case Studies

Over the years, we’ve helped numerous breweries keep the beer flowing with our safe and highly efficient steam solutions. Read the detailed case studies below for a look at how Miura boilers have played a role in the production of some of America’s favorite craft brews: