Breweries & Distilleries

Miura boilers are the #1 choice for some of the largest breweries in the world, as well as the majority of the most successful craft breweries in the US. We understand craft brewers and their unique business challenges. Why spend all your money on large boilers you hope you’ll grow into in the future? With our modular design, Miura can grow with you from day 1.

Unlike conventional fire tube boilers that you might find running non-stop at a large-scale, 24-hour brewing operation, Miura’s boilers take up less space and can be quickly turned on and off  to conserve energy outside of brew shifts. These outstanding qualities have solidified Miura steam boilers as the obvious choice for meeting the unique production needs of breweries and distillery operations of various sizes throughout the country. Whether you’re opening a new brewery, seeking to streamline a current operation, or fostering a new and exciting expansion, Miura can help you design a brewery boiler room that makes sense for your business.

What are steam boilers used for in breweries and distilleries?

A reliable steam boiler is a necessary component of any brewery or distillery. In addition to providing hot water for wort boiling, steam is also required for, sterilization, and pasteurization during the kegging, bottling, or canning process.

Case Studies

Over the years, we’ve helped numerous breweries keep the beer flowing with our safe and highly efficient steam solutions. Read the detailed case studies below for a look at how Miura boilers have played a role in the production of some of America’s favorite craft brews: