Captain Lawrence Brewing Company Chooses Miura Boilers

Miura boilers are a valuable asset for businesses in the craft brewing industry, currently the fastest-growing sector in U.S. beer production. Perhaps that’s why Scott Vaccaro, owner of Captain Lawrence Brewing Company in Elmsford, NY, heard Miura’s name more often than any other when asking fellow craft brewers about which boiler they chose. The ability to produce steam on demand while lowering energy bills is highly appealing to small breweries operating with limited budgets and space.


Captain Lawrence Brewing Company Chooses Miura Boilers“The craft brewing industry, as spread out as it is, is a pretty tightknit group of people,” says Vaccaro. “When somebody finds something they like, they spread the word.”

A family-owned company named after a Revolutionary War hero, Captain Lawrence Brewing distributes its line of award-winning brews regionally throughout southern New York State and Connecticut. Given its estimated output of 15,000-17,000 barrels a year, the Miura LX-50 has proven to be a perfect fit for the brewery’s operating needs.

On-Demand Steam Means Higher Productivity and Lower Costs

Craft breweries like Captain Lawrence have neither the time nor overhead to wait long periods of time to heat large amounts of water. Miura’s “once-through” fin-tube design enables quick output at greatly reduced costs.

“We make beer, which means we need on-demand steam – fast, and lots of it,” says Vaccaro. “Basically, from the time we hit the START button on our LX-50 to when we’re at our full operating pressure is about three minutes…Thanks to the efficiency and the quick start-up of the Miura LX-50, we are able to consistently maintain 1,200 gallons of hot water without any worry.”

Compact Design

Another feature Vaccaro values about the LX-50 is its ability to compete with much larger units on output while taking up less space.

“Many craft breweries are tight on space,” says Vaccaro, “so the compact footprint of Miura boilers is a huge plus. Our 50-horsepower unit takes up the same space as our old 10-horsepower sectional.”

Reduced Emissions

Miura’s environmentally friendly design also results in significantly lower CO2 and NOx emissions, both of which can harm the environment. This has been very advantageous for Captain Lawrence Brewing, which is located in a state with strict emissions standards.

“New York State and Westchester County audit emissions,” says Vaccaro, “so being able to tell them we have a low NOx, high-efficiency boiler is a huge plus.”

Reliability with Self-Diagnostics and State-of-the-Art Controls

Perhaps the most valuable feature of Miura, according to Vaccaro, is its reliable hands-off operation and self-diagnostic features. The BL Microcontroller monitors and quickly identifies any potential obstacles to functionality, and it’s all accessible online through the Miura Online Maintenance (MOM) system.

“You hit the START button on the LX-50, and that’s pretty much the end of it,” says Vaccaro. “The boiler tells us when it needs to be blown down. The boiler tells us if there is a hardwater issue. The boiler sends back all the reports to Miura, so they know what’s going on.”

Between the efficiency of the LX-50, its quick output, energy-saving features and reliable performance, Miura now plays a critical role in the success of this brewery, and Vaccaro is very satisfied with the results.

“Without our boiler, this brewery stops,” he says. “Reliability is what’s most important to us. MOM and Miura’s Colormetry feature enable us to be hands-off. It also gives us the peace-of-mind that Miura has our back on one of the most important pieces of equipment we have.”


To learn more about Miura boilers, contact us today at 1-855-817-3722 or locate a Miura rep in your area.

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