Dancing Goat Distillery Chooses Miura for Unique Configurations

Located just outside Madison, Wisconsin, Dancing Goat is a family-run craft distillery utilizing state-of-the-art technology and techniques to create their unique and flavorful whiskey, vodka, gin, and other spirits. It comes as little surprise that this up-and-coming distillery chose Miura Boilers to provide consistent, efficient steam generation for their distillery needs.

“Dancing Goat Distillery is a one-of-a-kind distillery,” says Michael Reiber, the company’s COO. “We want to have the best potential equipment to make the best potential products.”

Dancing Goat distillery chooses Miura boilers to meet its steam needsReliability and Consistency

Besides having a pot still, Dancing Goat has installed a unique continuous full-column still which enables them to craft high-grade products in half the time compared to conventional stills. This continuous still relies on a consistent supply of clean steam on demand to maintain quality. “The Miura Boilers are a great fit for our continuous still because they provide clean, consistent, quality steam. We don’t want fluctuations in the steam pressure that add or subtract consistency to the process.”

Savings on Energy and Labor Costs

As is the case with many smaller distilleries and breweries, Dancing Goat operates on a budget that requires them to seek out cost-efficient solutions to craft their products. Miura’s unique once-through design enables it to heat smaller quantities of water more quickly, going from cold start to full steam in about 5 minutes. Not only does this save the company 20-25 percent on its water and energy bills annually — it also saves them on labor costs while improving overall productivity due to reduced downtime.

“The benefit of having quick steam is huge,” says Reiber. “We don’t have to have a dedicated boiler operator that tends to the boiler for 8 hours prior to operation. We can basically go in, walk through, turn it on, fire it up, and then that person can go do other value-added tasks that are required to run the facility… It’s very satisfying to have the ability to walk in and hit the green “start” button, watch it go through a startup sequence, and then go on to doing what you need to do to start the rest of the facility up.”

Safe Operation

The ability of Miura boilers to store less water, combined with state-of-the-art self-diagnostic and monitoring capabilities, makes them less susceptible to breakdowns and dangerous blowouts. This feature is especially valuable to Dancing Goat because the distillery also functions as a destination location hosting regular tours for visitors.

“It makes us feel great knowing that when we tour guests through the facility that our boilers are intrinsically safe because of their low water volume content,” says Reiber.

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