Complete Steam Boiler Systems for Manufacturers

Reliable and efficient steam solutions help industrial manufacturers maximize productivity while minimizing costs and waste. Miura’s innovative steam technology offers manufacturing businesses a complete steam generation solution that is reliable, efficient, sustainable, and safe.

Complete Steam Boiler Systems for Manufacturers

Top Benefits of Miura’s Advanced Steam Solutions

Manufacturing applications that need a dependable and efficient steam source for process heating, steam cracking, drying, and sterilizing can trust Miura’s on-demand, modular steam solutions to help reduce costs, increase efficiencies, lower emissions, and keep the work environment safe. From water treatment to advanced monitoring, support, maintenance, and technology agreements, Miura provides the products, expertise, and life-cycle partnerships that help manufacturing facilities get the most out of their boiler room’s critical steam infrastructure. 

Benefit 1: Reduced Costs

A steam boiler’s efficiency directly impacts fuel consumption costs and the overall cost of ownership over its life cycle. Miura’s on-demand steam boiler solutions offer long-term cost-saving benefits due to unparalleled fuel-to-steam and in-service efficiencies. 

  • Miura’s watertube boilers have been designed to optimize heat transfer for maximum efficiency. With an Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) of 85 percent, Miura boilers offer a 10 to 40 percent savings in fuel costs compared to traditional fire tube boilers.
  • Tailor-made steam solutions help meet the individual steam needs of each manufacturing facility while ensuring operational efficiencies. Our boiler systems are sized to meet a steam plant’s exact daily steam load requirements, regardless of fluctuation load demands.
  • Our modular installation systems mean that individual boilers are only activated when needed to meet a facility’s changing steam load requirements. Lower fuel consumption from generating precise steam outputs means that Miura boilers have an in-service efficiency that’s roughly 20% better than comparable boilers.

Benefit 2: Increased Reliability

Miura’s remote boiler monitoring systems offer boiler operators and company management peace of mind by providing a secure and centralized view of their critical steam infrastructure.  

  • Easily access boiler room data in real-time via any connected smartphone.
  • Remotely track the health of your steam boiler system and its components to help prevent any unexpected and costly downtime.
  • Set up notifications and alerts for any issues that may arise with your boiler room equipment.
  • Use historical data and trends analysis to identify areas needing attention and schedule necessary maintenance or inspections.

Benefit 3: Compact and Modular

According to Doug MacMaster, VP of U.S. operations at Miura America Company Ltd., over the years, steam boiler technology has moved from “large, single boilers with very imprecise load matching capabilities to multiple, smaller boilers operating as one steam system that match the precise steam requirements.” Miura’s compact modular watertube boilers offer significantly smaller footprints than traditional boilers, helping to free up facility floor space for other equipment and giving manufacturers the flexibility to scale and grow if necessary.

Benefit 4: Sustainably Designed

More efficient steam equipment and processes help manufacturing facilities reduce their carbon footprint and meet national and global sustainability goals. Our complete steam solution efficiently preserves resources and recycles energy for sustainability and cost savings.

Miura’s energy-efficient watertube steam boilers are designed to help manufacturers achieve and exceed low NOx emission standards.

  • Our boiler’s low-water volume design enables optimal heat transfer to limit fuel wastage while generating steam. 
  • Miura’s EX and LX-Series steam boilers can produce full steam from a cold startup in under five minutes. Quick startups help reduce energy wastage and fuel consumption. 
  • Compact boiler units installed in a modular installation system are activated only when needed. As a result, fuel is only burned to produce steam when necessary, helping decrease emissions, reduce waste, and lower fuel consumption and related fuel costs.
  • Feedwater economizers and heat exchangers can also be used for waste heat recovery, reducing fuel consumption and lowering emissions.

Benefit 5: Unmatched Safety

Miura’s once-through watertube boilers are designed for safety. The low water content within each water tube helps reduce stored energy within the pressure vessel, significantly lowering the risk of a simple failure leading to a large catastrophe. In fact, with more than 150,000 units in operation worldwide, Miura boasts an unmatched safety record of zero catastrophic failures leading to casualties. 

Miura’s compact and modular boiler design also means a Miura boiler is easy to operate and safe to access for regular inspection and maintenance

Driving Efficiencies with Miura’s Comprehensive Steam Boiler Systems

Running an aging manufacturing plant environment with outdated steam infrastructure is expensive. Whether for fuel, material replacement, unplanned downtime, or maintenance, the costs of an inefficient or failing steam boiler system are substantial. As the global leader in modular, on-demand steam generation solutions, Miura’s safe and efficient steam boiler systems are backed by a company, team, and technology you can count on. 

Contact Miura today to learn more about our full range of boiler room products and accessories and how we can help you.