Boiler Monitoring & Control

Miura Connect

Get a real-time, remote view of all the connected equipment in your boiler room. Learn More

BP Panel

The BP panel allows your boilers and accessories to work as a coordinated, efficient unit. Learn More


Miura’s SteamNet provides real-time monitoring of your boiler system. Learn More

BL Controller

Every Miura boiler features a built-in boiler controller processor interface known as a BL Controller. Learn More

WP2 Panel

The WP2 panel is a communication hub for your Miura water treatment system. Learn More

Benefits of Boiler Monitoring & Control

On-Demand Steam
Save time and fuel costs with modular boilers producing only the exact steam you need when you need it. Innovative sensors read how much steam is needed and automatically adjust output as required.
Rapid Response
Handling fluctuating loads with modular boilers is a breeze. Boilers produce steam from a cold start in less than 5 minutes, and boilers automatically turn off and on to produce the steam you need.
User-Defined Control Patterns
Operators have complete control of the steam output. With the BP Panel, you can customize your steam schedule in advance to fit your steam needs and change them at any time.
Real-Time Monitoring
With user-friendly displays and real-time steam monitoring and reporting, the SteamNet device lets you know exactly what’s going on and generates reports for easy auditing. For an extra set of eyes, Miura’s Online Maintenance (MOM) team monitors your boiler system from one of our regional offices.
Easy to Use Interface
With the push of a button on the BL Controller, boiler startup and shutdown in less than five minutes is simple. Each piece of monitoring equipment is designed with the user in mind.
Intuitive Alarms
Alarms work in real-time to deliver data to operators. Alerts come complete with necessary details and recommended next steps.
Early detection
Innovative sensors detect problems before they occur and take precautionary steps to keep the boiler running at optimal efficiency.