BP Panel

Are all the components of your boiler system working together efficiently?

MIURA’s BP-201 is the core of the boiler room and is both a central monitor for all MIURA equipment and a multiple installation (MI) system controller allowing connected boilers to operate as a coordinated unit to meet fluctuating steam demand while optimizing efficiency, response time, and boiler longevity. Through use of user-defined control patterns, the boiler system’s capacity and responsiveness can scale to provide the most efficient operation for your specific steam demand, even as it changes day-to-day.

Are all the components of your boiler system working together efficiently?
  • Central Monitoring function displays the status of all connected MIURA devices including boilers, feedwater systems, and water treatment equipment. Key values are visible such as system steam pressure, tank levels, and flowrates. Operational status, cautions, and alarms are also displayed.
  • Multiple Installation (MI) System Control intelligently controls all connected boilers to ensure coordinated operation, meeting the required steam load while optimizing efficiency, response time, and boiler longevity. The BP-201 brings boilers online and offline as needed, keeps the right number of boilers ready to provide rapid steam generation, and rotates boiler priority to level-load runtime across boilers.
  • Control Patterns are customizable system setting blocks that define control pressures, maximum steam output, and response time. Patterns can be switched manually, set to a schedule, or changed remotely from a SteamNet panel or other external inputs.
  • Rapid Response Settings allow the MI system to meet fluctuating steam demand by maintaining the appropriate number of boilers ready for quick response in low-fire or pressure hold. System responsiveness can be set at the optimum balance between fuel efficiency and fast action within each control pattern.
  • Boiler Rotation automatically shifts firing priority between boilers to evenly distribute runtime across boilers for prolonged life. The frequency and timing of rotation is fully adjustable.
  • Inputs and Outputs are available to expand the capabilities of the BP-201. Control, safety, and alarm inputs and their interactions with the system can be programmed. Basic dry contact outputs are also available to provide equipment status information and approximate MI system output.

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