Steam Boilers for Commercial and Industrial Laundries

Choose unparalleled on-demand, low-emissions steam solutions. Miura’s low-water content steam boilers are energy-efficient, reliable, safe, compact, and designed to handle fluctuating demand in industrial and commercial laundry facilities. 


An aerial image of a Miura LX boiler installed in a boiler room, surrounded by additional boiler room equipment.

Using Steam Boilers in Commercial and Industrial Laundries

As vital as washers and dryers, steam boilers are essential to a laundry’s operations, heating water for washing and operating irons and steam presses. A reliable source of high-quality steam makes all the difference to the daily workings of a busy industrial laundry facility, allowing employees to work through laundry bins quickly and efficiently, to fulfill more orders with no unexpected interruptions. 

Miura Boilers For Laundries: The Top Benefits

Miura prioritizes safety, reliability, efficiency, and space savings to ensure the smooth running of laundry operations. 


Miura’s modular, on-demand boiler designs are energy-efficient and cost-effective. Our steam boilers use a “once-through” fin tube design to heat smaller volumes of water quickly, and maximize heating surface transfer. A low water content means Miura’s LX and EX boilers are ready to produce steam in five minutes or less. Miura boilers don’t need to fire at all times, but can go into standby mode when not needed (quite literally at the push of a button), avoiding start-up loss, reducing fuel consumption and wastage during the quieter-than-usual periods, and ultimately achieving low-NOx ratings. This rapid start-up and shutdown also means there’s no need for operators to be on-site early to start the boiler, as the boiler(s) can easily respond to a laundry facility’s fluctuating steam demands to meet actual operational needs.


Miura steam boiler designs are inherently safer and simpler to operate than traditional large-water volume boilers. Our machines are smaller, lighter, and easily accessible for maintenance, while the low water content in the water tubes helps prevent catastrophic failures. Safety design features protect operators from injuries like burns (for example, the pressure vessels on our boilers have improved insulated), cuts, or falls (improved accessibility allows operators to move more freely around the boiler during maintenance). Miura’s state-of-the-art remote monitoring technology also makes our boilers safer for operators to monitor and maintain. And, thanks to highly automated laundry boiler performance reports, operators can access real-time data about each boiler unit so they can take preventative action where necessary to avoid boiler downtime.

Increased Steam Capacity

Real estate is valuable in the commercial laundry industry. Floor space is crowded by laundry bins, washers, and more, so finding a steam boiler that takes up minimal space while functioning reliably and efficiently is essential. Miura compact steam boilers occupy much less floor space than traditional large water volume boilers,  allowing more room for other support equipment without compromising on steam output. And if a laundry facility scales production, steam power can easily be scaled alongside it by adding extra modular boiler units to the boiler room without taking up unnecessary additional space. 

Full Operational Redundancy

Industrial laundries require on-demand steam and must have full redundancy, with a backup boiler in place as a failsafe. Traditional firetube steam boilers occupy more space and have a long start-up process, but a Miura boiler is compact and can fire up immediately to prevent service interruptions, making them ideal as backup boilers for N+1 redundancy.

Easy Maintenance and Long-term Reliability

Commercial laundries must be confident that their steam solution will allow their operations to run optimally. A steam service that is reliable and well-maintained prevents lengthy and unexpected shutdowns in the laundry facility. A steam solution is an investment in a business’s future, so it must be built to last. Miura steam boilers are built with the future in mind and are designed for long-term reliability.

  • Our Miura boilers can be monitored via their BL controllers, which tell operators when there is an issue with an individual boiler and what the issue is.
  • Miura Connect gives boiler room staff a real-time, remote view of the connected equipment in their boiler room. Miura’s “predict and prevent” mentality alerts boiler operators of potential issues so the problem can be solved without affecting operations.

Cleaner and More Efficient Steam

“Green” energy solutions are increasingly necessary as businesses align with national and regional emissions regulations designed to combat climate change. Choose an energy-saving solution to ensure you’re running an efficient and up-to-date laundry facility.

An efficient steam boiler burns less fuel to generate steam; this helps lower operating costs and reduce harmful CO2 and NOx emissions. Increasing efficiencies and decreasing energy use lessens a laundry’s environmental footprint overall. 

CITY Laundering Company Prioritizes Efficiency and Safety

CITY Laundering Company, based in Iowa, has been in operation since 1906, servicing healthcare services, food processing and manufacturing plants in the Mid West. This family-owned business runs 16 hours a day and was searching for a steam solution to increase operational efficiency, keep up with demand, and optimize space and energy usage at it’s laundry facility. Miura, together with CITY Laundering, found the best solution: refitting CITY’s boiler room with an LX-series steam boiler. CITY’s new steam investment immediately improved the business’s efficiency as the new boiler’s quick warmup saved significant time and fuel on daily loads. 

In fact, installing the Miura boiler reduced CITY’s laundry load time to three minutes, allowing the business to save an extra operational 300 minutes a day. Following the installation, the boiler room became more accessible, creating a safer environment for operators to monitor and maintain the systems. Miura’s unique low-water content design and automated monitoring systems also made it the ideal all-inclusive risk-control solution, keeping employees safe and operations uninterrupted. Overall the LX-series boiler reduced the laundry’s emissions, helping them meet their sustainability goals. 

Learn more about how Miura helped CITY Laundering in our video below.


Miura Supports a “Greener” Future

Miura is the boiler provider of choice for Ecotex Healthcare Linen Services, which offers professional laundry services to large healthcare systems across North America. The nature of the organization means that Ecotex needs to meet strict hygiene standards. Ecotex follows all guidelines set out by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and has been accredited with a Hygienically Clean Healthcare Certification by the Healthcare Laundry Accreditation Council (HLAC). The organization also holds the TRSA Clean Green Certification demonstrating the practice of environmental stewardship across the company. 

As part of its commitment to stringent hygiene standards and environmentally-friendly practices, Ecotex operates two Miura LX 100 Steam Boilers in its newly designed laundry facility in Kelowna, British Colombia (Canada). To learn more, watch a virtual tour of the Kelowna facility during the 2020 TRSA Virtual Healthcare Conference.

Find Out More About Steam Boilers For Industrial Laundries

Miura steam boilers help commercial and industrial laundries run safely, smoothly, and efficiently. Plus, with our complete solutions selling and lifecycle partnership philosophy, you’ll get more than a high-quality steam solution. We’ll help you get the most out of your investment by providing excellent support and maintenance services over the long term. 

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