Laundry Facilities

Distinguished for their reliability, efficiency, and safety, Miura’s low-NOx, modular boiler systems are expertly designed to handle the fluctuating steam demands of laundry facilities.

Why are steam boilers important to laundry service companies?

A reliable, energy-efficient steam boiler is a necessary component of any large-scale laundry service company. Steam boilers are used not only to heat wash water, but also to provide steam for irons and presses.

Laundry steam boilers

What are the Benefits of Modular Steam Boilers for Laundry Facilities?

Choosing the right boiler to supply critical steam to process equipment is crucial to running an efficient system. Made in North America, Miura’s modular steam solutions bring several benefits to laundry facilities, including:

  • High Efficiency, Low Emissions
  • Compact Footprint and Scalability
  • Produce the Exact Amount of “On-Demand Steam” Needed
  • Safer by Design
  • Full Operational Redundancy

Watch the videos to see Miura LX-series steam boilers in action at a laundry facility.

Case Studies

Read the detailed case study below for a look at how Miura industrial boilers have played a valuable role in streamlining the process steam operations for companies specializing in laundry services.