CITY Laundering Increases Efficiency and Safety with Miura Boilers

Founded in 1906, CITY Laundering Company in Oelwein, Iowa, serves the midwest with industrial laundry services. The multi-generation family-owned business runs wanted to increase efficiency and safety to match the growing demand. With the facility running 16 hours a day, CITY needed a solution to optimize the current space and invest in technologies that helped achieve that.

For the boiler room, the best option was to replace the traditional system with a Miura LX-Series steam boiler. Since installation using existing piping, the new Miura steam system investment provides:

  • Significant time and fuel savings on daily loads
  • Increased operator safety and peace of mind
  • User-friendly operation and monitoring
  • Potential for system expansion in the same space
  • Increased sustainability to meet goals

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