5 Must-Haves for a Laundry Steam Boiler System

5 Must-Haves for a Laundry Steam Boiler System

When you imagine a large-scale laundry facility’s equipment, you think of the washing machine and a dryer. But, there’s another piece that’s just as important but is often overlooked: steam boilers.

Laundry steam boilers are necessary for heating hot water, steam drying clothes, running steam irons and steam presses, and more.

However, not all steam boilers are created equal. For new laundry facilities, or those looking to upgrade inefficient and outdated equipment, there are several factors to consider when choosing the right solution that meets the unique needs of a laundry operation, whether it’s a large scale industrial laundry operation or a smaller commercial laundry business. Here’s a look at five aspects of a steam boiler functionality to compare when exploring manufacturers:

1. High-Quality Steam Generation

Laundry steam boilers are often used for industrial presses

The purpose of a laundry facility is to clean and dry fabrics. Having top-of-the-line equipment — from washing machines and steam irons to an industrial steam boiler — is crucial to ensure successful washing, drying, and ironing.

When looking for the right steam solution, it is important to consider the quality of the steam and hot water that the equipment will produce. The steam that’s created from properly treated water produces high-quality steam that gives facilities the best clean. So, it is recommended to compare the steam quality that steam equipment manufacturer produces to ensure you’re getting the best.

2. Simple Boiler Maintenance

The last thing any high-volume commercial laundry facility wants is a mandatory shut down due to lengthy maintenance.

Miura boilers are easy for facility workers to use and maintain.

So, it is important to consider the ease of maintenance on a steam boiler so that production is not slowed, and workers stay safe while operating and maintaining the equipment.

For example, not only are water tube boilers smaller and more efficient than fire tube boilers, but they are also far safer. With modular steam boilers, there is an added benefit of transferring steam output to other units while one is receiving maintenance.

3. Enhanced Workforce Productivity

User-friendly Miura steam system interface

The operators of your commercial and industrial laundry machines are the ones in charge of your boiler’s daily efficiency. Finding safe equipment that features advanced alerts and is simple to operate will give your workforce greater productivity.

Also, different boiler manufacturers have varying start-up times — from less than five minutes to two hours — which can save your operators valuable time and fuel costs.

4. Low-Emission Laundry Equipment

A laundry steam boiler designed with efficiency and sustainability in mind is imperative for both meeting the compliance standards of local government and meeting customer expectations.

Especially for organizations that value low environmental impact, finding a low NOx emissions boiler solution will help lower fuel costs and positively impact the company mission.

5. Long-Term Reliability

It’s important to research potential steam generator solutions to be sure you find the reliable one that fits your needs.

Look at case studies and talk to industry peers to see what others have to say about a solution’s reliability and the overall support the manufacturer provides after installation.

While many solutions claim reliability, you need to be sure the laundry steam boiler you choose is a wise investment in your facility’s future. A solution that’s flexible to meet a laundry facility’s changing business needs, fluctuating loads, and continuously updates technology will give you steam that lasts the test of time.

The Industry’s Leading Laundry Steam Boilers

Miura LX boiler with ancillary equipment

Looking for a new industrial steam boiler system for your laundry facility? Want to add to the steam power you’re already producing? Miura’s low-NOx, modular boiler systems are specially designed to handle the fluctuating steam demands of laundry facilities.

With easy-to-use steam boiler control sy stems and boiler designs that are inherently safer and more efficient than conventional fire tube boilers, Miura leads the industry with laundry steam boilers that are safe, efficient, and reliable.

Talk to your local Miura representative today to learn more about our modular, water tube boilers for laundry operations.