Cooperative Laundry Achieves Lasting Efficiency and Lower Emissions with Miura LX Boilers

Cooperative Laundry, located about 10 miles from New York City, is a fully-automated laundry facility serving some of the most demanding hotels, restaurants, tourist attractions, and businesses in the world. To continue to deliver outstanding quality and value, the company re-built its 60,000 sq. ft. facility that went beyond conventional standards and provided a fully automated workflow. This performance standard required superior equipment, and Miura’s reliable and efficient boilers matched the company’s needs.

“When we built the facility, every piece of equipment we looked at had to be easy-to-use, easy-to-maintain, and completely reliable,” said Brian Hobson, Cooperative Laundry’s Chief Engineer. “The boilers really addressed all of our needs, and after about a year they continue to perform exceptionally well. They have never let us down.”

Deciding Factors: Compact, Safe, and Easy to Use

After deliberation, Cooperative Laundry purchased two Miura LX-100 steam boilers for use in their wash tunnel, steam tunnel, and press. The steam tunnel is imperative for drying and removing wrinkles from their customer’s garments, linens, curtains, and more. The boilers provided numerous benefits, including remote monitoring, compact design, and an industry-best safety record.

“What really stood out for us, in addition to the compact size, was the ease-of-use,” said Hobson. “From blowdown to really quick start-up, the efficiency has been impressive.”

Increased Workforce Productivity

Miura’s safer-by-design engineering minimized issues related to installation, operation, and maintenance. Since installation, Cooperative Laundry has continued to grow staff to stay ahead of customer needs. The staff’s productivity has increased with Miura’s less than 5 minute start-up time compared to the hours of start-up required with traditional firetube boilers.

“Miura’s On-Demand steam allows our team to run the entire facility more efficiently,” said Hobson. “Our operators simply press a button on the boilers, do their daily checks, and then get the entire plant up and running. The result is that we able to achieve greater workforce productivity.”

Clean Steam and Lowered Emissions

Sustainability is at the core of the Miura LX steam boiler design and a key factor in Cooperative Laundry’s mission. The quick start-up conserves hours of fuel and electricity usage, and low NOx emissions output helps keep the air clean.

“Green initiatives are an important part of our company’s mission statement,” said Hobson. “With Miura’s quick-steam feature, we can idle the boilers during lower demand periods, and turn them on as needed. That alone is an enormous advantage when compared to firetube boilers that require hours to reach full steam. Plus, it allows us to use less fuel, have fewer emissions, use less water, and conserve natural resources.”

Lasting Reliability and Support

In addition to the compact design, efficient technology, and sustainability, Miura’s boilers require minimal maintenance. With careful design eliminating thermal stress, predictive technology that proactively fixes problems before they start, and a supportive Miura team ready to assist, Cooperative Laundry can rely on their boilers to stand the test of time.

“The efficiency and reliability are there. The service is first-rate,” said Hobson. “Miura really knows how to respond quickly to a customer and take care of an issue, even if it was caused by someone or something else. That’s impressive.”

For more information on how Miura products can improve your facility’s steam efficiency, reliability, and safety, send us a message, or reach out to your local Miura representative.

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