Miura Steam Boilers Are Safer By Design

Choosing the correct steam boiler is a significant consideration that must be researched carefully — especially if you’re looking for a cost-effective option that will last you for years to come. Since boilers function on heat energy and produce steam under intense pressure, boiler safety should always be a primary concern. By prioritizing safety and energy efficiency, your facility can actually end up saving money on the front end and over long-term.

By using a water-tube design versus a fire-tube design, Miura boilers contain a low water content, making them inherently safer to use than conventional steam boilers. Let’s discuss how the safety of a water tube steam boiler manufactured by Miura is a cut above the rest.

Choosing the Right Boiler Size Matters

We begin to size our boilers to meet the requirements suggested by the company’s steam demands.

Based on our in-service efficiency studies, Miura will let our customers know exactly the amount of horsepower they need to run the operation efficiently instead of having a boiler running all day, wasting fuel and energy. We’ll also calculate for certain variables (e.g., seasonal temperature changes, load swings from running different and unrelated processes throughout the day/week/month). This allows us to customize our units around their processes and give them what they really need. There have been many occasions where one of our customers advised that they are only running half of what they need and the fire tube unit they are currently using they received was sized too large.

Operating costs are lower because customers use less fuel. The boiler runs only when you need it, which lessens the need for a company to have an operator or boiler technician on hand 24/7.

Boiler Safety

The failure of a conventional boiler versus a Miura boiler can have much different outcome. If a conventional fire tube boiler becomes unstable and fails, the resulting explosion can be devastating and potentially lethal. That’s not the case with Miura boilers, which boast an unparalleled track record for safety. Here’s what you can expect with a Miura steam boiler:

  • No catastrophic failures. Thanks to the once-through design and low water content of Miura boilers, any issue with a Miura water tube boiler will remain localized, preventing devastating explosions that can occur with unstable fire tube boilers. In Miura’s long history of producing top-notch steam power systems (and with over 140,00 units in operation worldwide), there has never been a documented catastrophic failure of one of its boilers.
  • Monitoring system. Every Miura boiler comes equipped with the Miura Online Maintenance System (MOM), which detect issues before they become serious problems. The system allows expert Miura technicians to monitor real-time boiler data and diagnose issues remotely.

Energy efficiency

In addition to an impeccable safety record, Miura steam boilers are more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly than conventional boilers. Why?

  • They save on fuel. Miura’s modular boilers turn on and off easily — producing steam only when you need it.
  • They conserve water. Miura boilers operate using 90 percent less water than conventional fire tube boilers.
  • They emit less greenhouse gases. Miura boilers boast some of the industry’s lowest NOx emissions without the addition of specialty emission-reducing equipment.

Additional Safety Tips

Even with the safest boiler system installed, there are steps you should take to keep your boiler room as safe as possible. Avoid letting your boiler room double as a storage area—keep the room clear to prevent fires in case of failure. Monitor the equipment regularly, conduct regular inspections for safety, and make sure proper operation protocols are put in place. Read more tips for maintaining a safe boiler room.

Safety testing and extensive use in the field both confirm that water-tube boiler designs are the safest type of industrial boiler.

Contact Miura today to learn more about how a modular water tube steam boiler system can make your facility safer and more energy efficient.