Your Industrial Boiler Room is Not a Storage Area

Your Industrial Boiler Room is Not a Storage Area

Your company’s Industrial Boiler is one of the best assets money can buy.

For many businesses, extra storage space is hard to come by. That fact alone makes the consideration of storing items like file boxes, solvents, and other materials in the boiler room seem tenable, even though there are strict regulations on storing these types of items in this way.

Some building owners even contemplate adding shelves to their boiler room to store the company’s various supplies.

But housing flammable materials near steam boilers could result in a fire. And with a fire comes the possibility of property damage. Even a small blaze can cause thousands of dollars in damage to property. A major fire can result in the loss of entire buildings. And worse, a fire of any size can potentially cause injuries or even death.

Luckily, you can remove the threat of catastrophic failure by choosing a water tube design over a fire tube design, but if you’re stuck with a fire tube boiler for the time being, take some time to familiarize yourself with some of the threats and precautions to avoid fires.

How to avoid fires in your boiler room

Keep your industrial boiler room clear of any stored materials. Boilers need plenty of extra space for proper ventilation to reduce the risks of fire.

Maintaining a well-ventilated, dry boiler room, free of any flammable materials, is imperative if you want to circumvent fires and ensure boiler safety. Your boiler room should also have fire-rated walls, ceilings, and a self-closing, fire-rated door. Fire and smoke detectors are a must, as well as access to a dry chemical fire extinguisher. Make sure your boiler room is accessible to fire personnel.

Keep your industrial boiler room clear for proper maintenance

Something else to consider is the servicing of your boilers. If you stock the boiler room with office supplies, paint, or other items, regular maintenance or service is difficult, if not impossible. Removing materials that constitute a fire hazard not only protects your facility from destruction, it also helps to ensure that your boilers receive the service they need to continue running properly.

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