Titan Frozen Fruit Reduces Energy Costs by 50 Percent With Miura

Within a few short years, Titan Frozen Fruit has gone from a startup to an industry leader in frozen fruit processing, exceeding the industry standards of competitors across the globe. Located in Santa Maria, the heart of California’s strawberry growing region, Titan has employed state-of-the art technology and practices to become a leading producer of the highest quality frozen strawberries available. As part of their innovations, Miura boilers have played a crucial role in maximizing their success, enabling them to meet and exceed California’s strict emissions standards and allowing them to run at an estimated 50 percent reduction in energy costs compared to other plants.


Titan Frozen Fruit Reduces Energy Costs by 50 Percent With MiuraChallenges and Objectives

Titan Frozen Fruit was faced with the unique challenge of constructing their processing plant from the ground up during California’s driest year on record — a time when the California legislation demanded deep conservation practices in addition to their already strict water usage and environmental emissions standards. Their goal was to develop a processing facility utilizing state-of-the-art technology to compete on a global scale, but with a smaller footprint and sharply lower energy consumption.


To meet their steam production needs while adhering to their aggressive conservation plan, Titan Frozen Fruit partnered with Miura Boilers to develop a customized solution that would provide ample steam while reducing energy and water consumption. In place of the industry standard 800-HP fire tube boilers, Titan opted for a series of three smaller Miura LX-100 boilers. Miura’s unique design enables each boiler to go from a cold start to full steam in 5 minutes (compared to an hour or more for traditional boilers), with a fuel-to-steam efficiency ratio of 85 percent. In addition to these measures, Miura supplied the company with a full remote monitoring and water treatment system to optimize functionality and improve conservation efforts even further.


Along with other innovations, the Miura boilers enabled Titan Frozen Fruit to meet their ambitious production goals while keeping costs down and consumption/emissions low.

In summarizing Titan’s partnership with Miura boilers, Al Souza, Titan Frozen Fruit’s Director of Operations, perhaps says it best: “I’ve been in this industry for over 45 years,” he says, “and have researched – or worked with – all the major boiler companies. None of them were able to offer an energy efficient package to meet our sustainability and production needs like Miura.”


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