UnityPoint Health-Meriter Hospital Chooses Miura Boilers

Serving the people of Madison and South-Central Wisconsin, UnityPoint Health-Meriter has long been considered a leader in integrated healthcare, ranking on the Top 100 Hospitals list three times. In an attempt to serve their patients’ needs even more effectively while lowering emissions and energy costs, Meriter recently replaced their three conventional boilers with five Miura EX-300 SGO Gas/Oil Series High Pressure Steam Boilers.

The end result: More reliable steam production for numerous hospital applications with significantly reduced fuel consumption and emissions.


UnityPoint Health-Meriter Chooses Miura BoilersWhy Miura?

One of the biggest reasons Meriter cited for choosing Miura boilers was their remarkable ability to produce steam with 5 minutes from a cold start — a huge selling point in a part of the country known for its bitter cold winters.

“Miura boilers are very efficient compared to the boilers that we replaced,” says Ryan Unzicker, Meriter’s Facilities Manager. “What we really liked was the fact that these boilers recovered very quickly. With Miura’s low-water content design, they start up within a few minutes and begin producing steam … it used to take the old boilers hours to recover.”

Fast steam production wasn’t the only problem Miura solved for Meriter. Unzicker named several other key features of the new boilers that sealed the deal for them, including:

  • Compact design. The hospital was able to replace a large 1200HP and two 600HP boiler units with five Miura 300HP boilers while still leaving plenty of space in their rather small boiler plant.
  • Modular installation. The five units in series are designed and programmed to respond to changes in demand without wasting energy in the process. Modular installation also enables them to achieve N+1 redundancy easily, an absolute must for institutions like hospitals that can’t afford to be without steam at any time.
  • Automated controls. Miura’s advanced control system enables the units to fire automatically as well as rotate firing so all units receive approximately the same amount of wear.
  • Simple maintenance. “I think one of the good things about the Miura system is that it’s integrated and easy to work on,” says Unzicker, “so you don’t have to have a bunch of different crafts trying to work on a boiler. It’s good to have a couple of mechanics that can do the whole thing.”
  • Lowered emissions. The energy efficient design of Miura boilers also mean significantly lower emissions of dangerous pollutants like nitrogen oxides — also a high priority for Meriter

UnityPoint Health-Meriter is so satisfied with the results that they have been quick to recommend Miura products to other healthcare facilities — to the point of inviting engineers from these other institutions to tour their facility.

“We recently had an open house here at the boiler plant,” says Unzicker. “I think it was record attendance…I got a lot of acknowledgment about how well and how good the plant looked and operated, and I think Miura probably picked up some sales interest. I certainly would recommend them.”


To learn more about Miura boilers, contact us today at 1-855-817-3722 or locate a Miura rep in your area.