4 Tips for Maximizing Steam Boiler Lifespan

4 Tips for Maximizing Steam Boiler Lifespan

When you’re shopping for an industrial steam boiler, one of the most important factors you must consider is the lifecycle cost. After all, the off-the-shelf efficiency of your boiler system can help you predict the cost of your ownership over a 25- or 30-year lifecycle. Of course, efficiency is not the only factor that determines how long your steam boiler will last — how seriously you take water treatment and preventative maintenance will play a huge role, too. With that in mind, here are four tips for maximizing steam boiler lifespan:

1. Opt for a modular boiler system and rotate your lead boiler

The great thing about a modular boiler system is that you produce exactly the amount of steam you need to meet your demands, no more or less. So while there may be times when you need to run all of your units to meet peak demand, there are also times of low demand when you only need to run one boiler. This single boiler that is kept running is known as the “lead boiler.”

Obviously, the lead boiler receives a lot more wear and tear than the other units in a modular system, which is why boiler sequencing is critical for optimizing system longevity. With boiler sequencing, you can rotate the role of “lead boiler” across all of the units within your modular system to ensure that no single boiler is taking the brunt of wear and tear throughout the years. Rotating lead boilers also allows you to perform maintenance on all of your units without needing to shut down the entire system.

2. Stay on top of boiler water treatment

Hard scale build-up caused by improper boiler water treatment can damage your equipment over time and significantly reducing the lifespan of your boiler system. In worst-case scenarios, it can result in critical failures and even pose catastrophic threats to safety.

Water treatment solutions, such as Miura’s eco-friendly, silicate-based BOILERMATE® solution, protect your pressure vessel from corrosion and reduces your dependency on expensive chemical reagents. For customers who treat their boilers with Miura’s eco-friendly BOILERMATE® solution, we offer a Chemical Monitoring System that helps you detect levels of BOILERMATE to ensure you’re using the appropriate amount to keep your boiler running and operating at peak efficiency for the life of the system.

3. Choose a boiler with advanced monitoring and diagnostic controls

Miura boilers are equipped with several advanced monitoring and control components that optimize system efficiency and maximize steam boiler longevity. At the core of these systems is the BL Controller, a user-friendly diagnostic system that allows you to monitor your boiler in real-time, detects issues before they become major problems, and provides suggestions for solutions. For further help with diagnostics and troubleshooting, the BL Controller can remotely interface with Miura’s in-house team of engineering experts using the Miura Online Maintenance (MOM) system.

The BL Controller also links up with Miura’s Colormetry Hardness Detection System, which works with our MW water softeners to prevent hard scale from forming in pressure vessel through automated water quality monitoring. If hardness is detected in the water, the Colormetry system directs the MW Regeneration process to provide your boilers with a new supply of softened water.

4. Get regularly scheduled boiler inspections

One of the most effective ways to ensure you’re doing everything you can to maximize your steam boiler lifespan is by staying up to date with your boiler inspection schedule. For owners of Miura boilers, we offer regularly scheduled inspections through our preventative maintenance program. This program also entitles you to receive 24/7 remote monitoring and emergency service with our MOM system, monthly water sampling reports, our Colormetry Hardness Detection System, our eco-friendly BOILERMATE® chemical solution, and an unbeatable pressure vessel guarantee.

To learn more about choosing a Miura boiler system that is guaranteed to last for decades to come, call Miura America at 1-855-817-3722 or locate a Miura rep in your area.