What If I Have a Problem With My Miura Boiler?

What If I Have a Problem With My Miura Boiler?

Miura has gone the extra mile to produce a boiler system that is energy efficient, safe, and reliable. Our water-tube boiler design goes from a cold start to full steam much faster than the conventional fire tube boilers, saving on time and fuel consumption. Miura boilers also boast extremely low NOx emissions which makes them more friendly to the environment — and Miura’s unique design and compact size take up less surface area in your boiler room. That said, we live in an imperfect world, and no company can assume their machines will work perfectly all the time. So what can you do if you encounter a problem with your Miura boiler?

We have taken several measures to ensure that our customers have a steam boiler that works properly for many years to come. We’ve instituted robust safeguards, state-of-the-art monitoring systems, responsive technical support, and a solid warranty. All you have to do is make sure you’re aware of all the ways Miura helps you to avoid problems with your steam boiler and fix minor issues that may come up as soon as possible.

Online Monitoring with BL Micro Controller

Miura boilers come with a variety of boiler control systems to improve the safety and efficiency of the boiler. A great example is the BL Micro Controller monitoring system, which plays an important role in making sure your boiler system meets steam demands in the most efficient way possible.

The BL Micro Controller is essentially the central monitoring device of your boiler system. It’s a built-in microprocessor interface that tracks information about your boiler’s performance. Metrics like steam pressure, feed water temperature, gas temperature, flame current, water conductivity, and more will be measured so that the BL Micro Controller can detect any service efficiency issues with your boiler and let you know about it via an easy-to-read display.

Not only can it detect problems, but the BL Micro Controller will also recommend a possible solution for the issue. If necessary, it can force a boiler offline if the problem is potentially serious. Essentially, it’s the first line of defense for diagnosing and troubleshooting any problems with your boilers.

One of the best features of the BL Micro Controller is that it works in conjunction with Miura’s other systems. For instance, information from the controller can be accessed remotely through Miura’s Online Maintenance System (MOM) so that Miura technicians offsite can receive up-to-date information about a particular boiler and assist in troubleshooting if necessary. The BL Controller will also work with Miura’s Colormetry feature to track water quality, alerting you to the need for water treatment or water softener so you can prevent hard water issues such as scale formation.

Routine Maintenance of Your Miura Steam Boiler

Performing regular maintenance is important for any boiler, which is why Miura makes it easy to keep up with routine maintenance. Unlike traditional boilers that need to be shut down for a day or two to undergo an inspection, a routine inspection of a Miura boiler can be done in as little as three hours. Miura’s experts will even assist with the inspection to make sure any problem is spotted and corrected before it starts to affect the performance of your boiler.

7-Year Pressure Vessel Guarantee

Miura water tube boilers also come with a seven-year warranty in which we pledge to repair or replace any pressure vessel found to have a factory defect within seven years of shipping. For the guarantee to remain effective, the owner must practice sufficient water treatment as needed to ensure the boiler’s water quality is properly maintained. Poor water quality can cause damage to any kind of pressure vessel, and ultimately, it can damage the efficiency of a boiler. Maintaining water quality will not only keep Miura’s seven-year pressure vessel guarantee intact, but it will also benefit the efficiency and lifecycle of a boiler.

It’s also important to note that under the pressure vessel guarantee, only authorized Miura technicians are allowed to perform service or make any repairs on Miura boilers. Even for minor issues, it’s best to notify Miura and have one of their representatives take the lead on resolving the problem. Hiring a technician who is not authorized by Miura to perform service on your boiler will not only void your pressure vessel guarantee but could also cause unintended harm to the boiler. It’s always best to let the company that manufactured the boiler take care of any problems.

As long as you follow the stipulations in your pressure vessel guarantee and take proper care of your boiler, Miura covers your vessel for seven years of free servicing. Holding up your end of the pressure vessel guarantee will help ensure your boiler stays under warranty and in good working condition for many years to come.

Contact a Miura rep in your area or call us at 1-678-685-0929 to find out more about Miura’s pressure vessel guarantee.