Smart Steam Boiler Controls & Monitoring Systems

Smart Steam Boiler Controls & Monitoring Systems

An efficient steam boiler system consists of many working parts and variables that must all function properly — which also means there’s a lot that can go wrong in the process. Pro-active maintenance for your steam boiler is crucial. If even a small, worn part begins to fail, it can cause a cascading effect that may even go undetected until the system itself fails. Many conventional steam boilers undergo breakdowns on a regular basis, resulting in high maintenance costs and many hours of non-productive “down” time. To avert this scenario, Miura has developed the BL Micro Controller, a smart monitoring and controls system for our steam boilers that helps identify and solve small problems before they turn into large ones.

What Is the BL Micro Controller?

The BL Micro Controller is a microprocessor and interface built into every Miura Boiler we sell. This controller utilizes advanced diagnostic technology to measure and monitor key metrics at multiple points in the system. When an caution or alarm occurs, the BL Micro Controller can identify it, pinpoint the source of the problem and recommend a solution on an LCD display.

Interfacing with Miura Online Maintenance (MOM)

In addition to advanced monitoring and diagnostics, the BL Micro Controller can interface easily with the Miura Online Maintenance (MOM) system, allowing the Miura maintenance team to access real-time diagnostic reports remotely via 3G cellular signal. It can also coordinate with our Colormetry feature to monitor water quality and guard against scale build-up within the steam boiler system.

More Smart Boiler Control Systems by Miura

Miura offers a wide variety of control and monitoring systems, from real-time monitoring of your boiler system to communication hubs for your water treatment systems.

BP Panel

Miura’s BP-201 is the central monitoring hub for all Miura equipment, as well as a multiple installation (MI) system controller, allowing connected units to operate as a coordinated unit.

The BP-201 uses user-defined control patterns to scale the boiler system’s capacity and responsiveness in order to provide the most efficient operation of your specific steam demand.


Miura’s ER-220USC, also known as SteamNet, is the leading monitoring, reporting, and communication device for Miura boilers and accessories. SteamNet provides real-time monitoring with user-friendly equipment displays, automatically generated reports, alerts operators to system alarms, and much more.

SteamNet outputs system data via Modbus TCP, for simple connection and robust reporting to building automation systems. A wide range of information is available from each system component including boilers, water softeners and Colormetry.

WP2 Panel

The Miura WP2 panel is a communication hub for multiple components of your Miura water treatment system.

The WP2 water treatment panel will efficiently monitor and control your chemical program and assure trouble-free service.

Colormetry Hardness Detector

Miura’s Colormetry solves problems of incorrect readings and time-consuming manual checks by offering automated reagent injection, mixing, and evaluation integrated into the boiler control system.

Standard features include:

  • Automated Scheduled Testing
  • Communicating testing results
  • Signals Softener Regeneration
  • Self-Calibrating
  • Alarm & Faulty History Logging

Chemical Monitoring System

Miura’s chemical control system offers the administration of BOILERMATE® levels to monitor and protect your steam boiler.

Compatible with Miura’s MI chemical control and the Miura Online Maintenance System (MOM), the chemical monitoring system can be remotely utilized for monitoring and diagnostics purposes.

Benefits of Smart Monitoring

Integrating a smart monitoring and controls system within our steam boilers gives Miura users many unique advantages over facilities using conventional boiler systems. These include the following:

  • Reduction or prevention of boiler breakdowns. By detecting and resolving small problems before they cascade into big ones, you can keep your boiler running efficiency for longer periods of time with fewer breakdowns and considerably less downtime. This feature is enhanced when you install multiple Miura boilers in a modular series because if you do experience a breakdown, the other boilers can fire up automatically to pick up the slack.
  • Ease of troubleshooting. During a boiler system failure, one of the most time-consuming challenges is pinpointing the source of the problem. The BL Micro Controller instantly identifies the source and recommends the solution, saving hours of troubleshooting.
  • Lower maintenance costs overall. With instant and ongoing diagnostics and monitoring in place, maintenance personnel can identify and replace worn parts before they create a cascading effect, causing less damage and costing much less to repair in the long run.

Because of Miura’s commitment to deliver the most cost-efficient, productive and easy-maintenance boiler systems available, each Miura boiler ships with the BL Micro Controller installed.

To learn more about our smart monitoring and controls for steam boilers, call Miura America at 1-855-817-3722 or locate a Miura rep in your area.