Miura’s Water Softener and Hardness Detection Systems Help Industrial Laundries

Miura’s Water Softener and Hardness Detection Systems Help Industrial Laundries

Industrial and commercial laundries serve many essential sectors. From keeping the linens in the hospitality industry in perfect condition, supplying hospitals with clean sheets, and keeping staff in all types of companies in clean uniforms, ensuring that an industrial laundry can continuously operate optimally is crucial. 

But what helps a laundry run efficiently and ensures all its loads are sanitized and in prime condition? Industrial steam boilers are very much the frontline players. Boilers produce the steam power that helps remove stains from linen, sanitizes dirty laundry loads, and presses items so they are returned to the customer ready to use. 

While Miura industrial boilers are made to maximize efficiency, minimize costs, and increase output, other elements of the boiler system have also been thoughtfully designed to ensure Miura customers get the most out of their steam power solution. Miura’s boiler water treatments provide top-quality water so the boiler will continue to run optimally, reliably, and consistently. 

Why is Water Quality so Important?

High water quality is vital when operating an industrial boiler in any industry, as it directly impacts the machine’s operational capacity. But, for an industrial laundry, water quality is so much more. To produce the best-laundered products, an industrial laundry needs to rely on the quality of steam its equipment produces. A boiler is required to heat water for washing and to produce steam for drying and pressing laundered material. To ensure a sanitary washing and drying process, the water used to create steam must be excellent; essentially, the higher the steam quality, the better the clean. 

When it comes to operating the boiler itself, water hardness is a significant contributor to boiler failure. Untreated water hardness leads to a scale from the calcium and magnesium in the water forming on the surfaces of the boiler tubes. Hard scale causes boiler breakdowns and failing boiler tubes, leading to unexpected and unwelcome downtime in a busy laundry. 

The build-up of hard scale also impacts the boiler’s efficiency because it has an insulating effect on the boiler’s heat transfer surfaces. Allowing just a ⅛-inch thick layer of scale can cost a business a 20-25% loss in boiler efficiency. Miura’s water softener and hardness detection systems prevent this from happening. 

Miura’s Water Softener and Hardness Detection Systems

When forming a partnership with a customer, Miura prioritizes a holistic approach. Our complete solution selling means we begin a boiler installation process by conducting a water analysis to better understand how to optimize your new boiler. A Miura boiler should help your business grow and succeed, so to that end, we ensure your steam solutions are operating efficiently and are providing you with the best output and the least hassle. 

Once we’ve completed your water analysis, we’ll send you a water quality report and, if necessary, make recommendations for water treatments. We’ll help you with these water treatments and guide you through our best solutions.

MW Water Softener 

MW Water Softener

Miura’s MW Water Softener is the cornerstone of optimal boiler performance. Ensuring your boiler has consistent access to soft water will help your organization avoid steam power downtime. With the MW Water Softener, you’ll find the following features:

  • Double Tank Alternation: Having two water softening tanks at your disposal gives you access to soft water all year round. As the resin inside the tanks requires a regular salt bath regeneration, our system allows you to use one tank while the other is regenerating. 
  • Colormetry Hardness Detector Integration: The MW Water Softener integrates seamlessly with the Colometry Hardness Detector for a complete system solution. 
  • Monitoring Systems: The water softener interfaces with the Miura Online Maintenance (MOM) program and the ER dashboard, so any changes and issues will be attended to before they become costly maintenance problems. 

Learn more about the MW Water Softener in our brochure

Colormetry Hardness Detector

Colormetry Hardness Detection System



The Colormetry Hardness Detector saves time and effort. It avoids human error by removing the manual checking component; instead, it automatically monitors water quality and detects the early signs of water hardness. If any hardness is detected, the Colormetry Hardness Detector alerts boiler operators with a warning, which is used by the MW Water Softener as a signal to swap tanks and prevent further hardness leakage. This system’s other features include:

  • Design and Installation: Much like Miura boilers, the Colometry Hardness Detector is compact and easy to install with mounting brackets. 
  • Monitoring Systems: The machine interfaces with the MOM system and the BL microcontroller, providing more in-depth monitoring systems to stay ahead of errors. An alarm and fault history loggings ensure you have access to all the data you need to keep your boiler running smoothly. 
  • Remote Troubleshooting: The Colometry Hardness Detector is self-calibrating, performing a zero-trust test before each sampling so the results are consistently accurate. And, if any issues do appear, remote troubleshooting allows technicians to monitor and adjust performance anywhere. 

Discover more benefits of the Colormetry Hardness Detector in our brochure.

Miura Boilers: Designed For Your Success

A Miura boiler is a long-term investment designed to help organizations increase their output by improving their steam efficiency. Central to this efficiency is ensuring our customers can access the highest quality water to produce the best steam possible. 

If you’d like to learn more, you’ll find Miura representatives at the CSCNetwork Annual Convention in February. Speak to us about finding the ideal steam power solution for your industrial laundry business. 

For more information, contact us and connect with an expert.