Deaerator Tanks

Premium Feedtank Solutions for premium boiler water quality.

The Miura deaerator is a ‘tank car’ design spray scrubber deaerator. The vessel includes a vertical deaerating section and a horizontal storage section. Miura deaerators are designed to reduce the dissolved oxygen content of the feedwater to no more than 0.005 cc/liter (7ppb) and reduce the titratable free carbon dioxide to zero.

Miura has teamed up with some of the best deaerator tank manufacturers in the country to design tanks that work seamlessly with our boilers. Deaerator tanks are not required for all Miura installations, but can be very helpful in some areas and situations. Ask one of our local reps if a deaerator is right for your installation.

  • ​Vertical or horizontal orientation available
  • Can be packaged as a part of a complete Miura system
  • Capacities to over 1,000,000 Lbs/HR
  • Spray scrubber and spray tray options available
  • Standard products and custom designed systems available
Premium Feedtank Solutions for premium boiler water quality.

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