4 Reasons You Might Need a Rental Boiler

4 Reasons You Might Need a Rental Boiler

There are four basic reasons why a company might need a rental boiler, but you might be surprised to learn that buying a new boiler from the get-go can be just as quick and reliable, if not more economical, in the long run.

When is it better to buy or rent a steam boiler? Let’s explore four situations that might lead you to believe a rental boiler is necessary, when, in reality, a better choice would be a modular steam boiler purchased through Miura’s Quick Ship Xpress program:

1. Supplemental capacity

One reason why companies opt for rental boilers is to help meet increased steam load demands during peak periods. Of course, with the emergence of modular boiler technology, this is becoming more and more of a baffling concept. The innovative modular design of Miura boiler systems expertly meets the needs of facilities with fluctuating load demands. With Miura modular boilers, there’s no longer a need to bring in a rental boiler for backup help.

2. Emergency boiler shutdowns

Emergency boiler shutdowns are often required in the event of a natural disaster or an unexpected equipment failure. We’ve also seen cases in which a boiler system technically worked, but the system was so stupendously inefficient that companies found themselves bleeding money every time they turned it on. In those cases, it made more financial sense just to shut it down and use a temporary rental rather than letting it keep running for weeks or months until a permanent replacement was found and installed. That exact situation was what one soft drink company was grappling with several years ago — until they learned about Miura’s Quick Ship Xpress program that got them a new replacement shipped to them within 48 hours of ordering.

3. Planned outages

Planned outages for industrial steam boilers are necessary from time to time — whether for critical repairs or general maintenance to ensure your steam system is operating and performing in an efficient manner. But imagine if you could perform that maintenance without shutting down your entire system? It’s possible with a modular boiler system that allows you to rotate lead boilers and ensure every boiler can be serviced without interrupting your facility’s operations.

4. Tight budgets

Let’s face it — steam boilers are expensive. While most companies will plan and budget for a boiler replacement well in advance of truly needing it, sometimes it doesn’t always work out that way. You might suddenly find yourself needing to replace a boiler NOW despite not having allocated any part of your budget for such a pricey line item.

While rental boilers may seem like a solid stop-gap measure until you can budget for a suitable replacement, the fact is that you’re ultimately paying more by going this route. Not only will you be paying a premium for a rental boiler, but you’ll also need to factor in paying for the eventual boiler replacement. With Quick Ship Xpress, you’re cutting out the cost of a rental boiler and only paying for the boiler replacement.

Why rent a boiler when you could buy?

Regardless of the reason why you might need a rental boiler, it’s clear that going this route is not necessarily your best option. In many cases, it simply makes more financial and logistical sense just to buy a new boiler rather than rent. The one perceived drawback of buying is that sometimes it can take weeks or months to negotiate that purchase, but did you know that Miura’s Quick Ship Xpress program can ship a new boiler to your facility within 24 to 48 hours? That’s the same amount of time it typically takes to get a rental boiler! The choice is clear.

Want to learn more about how buying a brand new industrial boiler through Miura’s Quick Ship Xpress program is the most economical and speedy alternative to rental boilers? Give Miura America a call at 1-855-817-3722 or locate a Miura rep in your area.