Steam Boiler Rentals: 6 Downsides to Consider

Steam Boiler Rentals: 6 Downsides to Consider

Steam boiler rentals are common when there is an immediate need to:

  • Provide supplemental steam on a temporary or seasonal basis
  • Provide steam when an old, inefficient boiler fails and needs to be repaired or replaced
  • Provide steam following an emergency boiler system shutdown caused by a natural disaster

When a quick steam boiler addition or boiler equipment replacement was required, renting a temporary boiler was typically the way to go, as opposed to waiting weeks or months for a new one. But today all that has changed. Miura, the world’s leader in modular, low NOx watertube boiler technology now offers Quick Ship Xpress (QSX) and can deliver a new boiler in the same time as a temporary boiler rental solution, saving time and money, among other benefits to your boiler room and bottom line.

Are you still considering renting a steam boiler? Before you do, here are some downsides of opting for a steam boiler rental that should be taken into consideration:

1. Steam boiler rental units can be very costly.

On average, costs for a boiler rental that is 50HP or larger (if available) will run approximately $10k per month, with at least a 3-month minimum. Delivery is separate and can run $2-5K and is usually a minimum of 2-4 days to get on site. Typical installations can cost $35-$45K, with another $10-$15k for removal. That adds up to about $75K to $90K, with absolutely nothing to show for it at the end of the day.

2. Companies no longer need to hold on to inefficient, repair-prone boiler systems.

Some users just can’t let go of their aging, inefficient boiler, because they’d rather have some steam than lose productivity due to downtime. But now, instead of reaching for the duct tape, buyers can call Miura and get the most reliable, efficient, and safe boiler in the time it would take to order and install a rental.

3. Miura’s QSX helps customers meet production requirements more cost-effectively without the need for rental equipment.

Miura’s Quick Ship Xpress program helps customers out of significant binds while negating the need for costly emergency boiler rentals. Typically, Miura is able to ship their QSX boilers within 48 hours, and local reps are able to install them and have them up and running in a matter of a few days. This “fastest-in-industry” shipment and installation of a new boiler, is even faster than delivering and installing a used rental boiler or hooking up a mobile boiler room, which would have to be uninstalled at the time a new boiler was delivered, driving up costs even higher.

4. Rental boilers result in unnecessary downtime.

In addition to the higher costs, rental solutions typically require installing and uninstalling the rental boiler unit and then installing the new boiler. Often that also means uninstalling an old boiler. With Quick Ship Xpress, the hookup workload is cut in half, enhancing overall efficiency, saving money, and substantially reducing additional downtime.

5. Rental boilers are typically less efficient than new boilers.

Paying a premium price for a rental boiler does not mean you’re getting a premium product. After all, rental boilers are used merchandise, and many units in the rental fleets offered by boiler rental services are several years into their life cycle. So, not only are you paying more for a rental boiler in general, but you’re paying more for an older, used boiler that is almost certainly less efficient than a new replacement.

6. Disaster Recovery is another way QSX is making a difference.

Weather-related conditions such as hurricanes and floods can render boilers useless. These already difficult situations can be even more troubling when steam boilers are damaged or ineffective, and companies, schools, and healthcare facilities have to scramble for replacements. This also represents a burden on insurers who must pay costly claims, as well as the insured whose rates can be affected, especially those in flood-prone areas. With Miura’s QSX, a new steam boiler can be on its way and installed in a fraction of the time it used to take. Plus, Miura’s compact, lightweight design provides users with an option to install them in elevated areas away from rising floodwaters.

In almost every situation, emergency boiler rentals and mobile boilers prolong headaches when compared to Miura’s Quick Ship Xpress. They are typically more costly and less efficient while creating double the work. With QSX, customers can have a new Miura “cold start-up to full steam in 5 minutes” boiler from 50 – 600HP (multiple 300HP units), in the time it usually takes to install a rental unit.

To learn more about how Quick Ship Xpress can streamline your boiler replacement process, give Miura America a call at 1-855-874-8361 or locate a Miura rep in your area.