Miura America Co. – Modular Steam Boiler System Introduction

Our Business Development Specialist, Thomas Ruff, explains the full benefits of Miura’s comprehensive steam boiler systems from the Miura America showroom in Rockmart, GA.

Unlike traditional steam boilers, which need risky maintenance and use up precious floor space and fuel, Miura’s boilers are the most powerful, easy-to-use, and efficient boilers on the market, producing steam in less than five minutes.

Miura boilers are environmentally friendly, providing your business with high-quality steam but at  low emissions rates. When you choose Miura for your critical steam boiler infrastructure, you get expertise, care, and a turnkey package solution to make running your business easier.

What Does a Turnkey Package Solution from Miura Look Like?

At Miura, we ensure every aspect of our boiler solutions performs optimally. We can guarantee high-quality steam because we provide the water treatment systems. We know whether your boiler needs attention via our remote boiler monitoring technology, and we give you peace of mind through our all-in-one Steam-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution. Here’s what to expect from a turnkey package solution from Miura.

Miura’s Water Treatment System

Our high-quality steam comes from the water treated in our top-notch water treatment system. Our MW Water Softeners feature a dual tank design. So, your systems will never be offline;  if one tank requires attention, you can still rely on the other for expertly softened water. 

The Colormetry Hardness Detector

Keeping track of your water’s softness can be time-consuming. The Colormetry Hardness Detector does the difficult work for you. Easy to install, the device detects hardness in the water tanks via automated sips, allowing you to detect hardness early on and prevent any longer-term damage to boiler tubes that may impact boiler efficiencies. 

Boiler Feedwater Tank

We’ll install a boiler feedwater tank to prepare your water for the boiler. Our tanks are designed to reduce air concentration in the water and add any chemicals needed for a boiler water chemical treatment. Miura offers standard and custom feedwater tanks so you can choose the solution that’ll fit effortlessly with your operation. 


BOILERMATE®, Miura’s eco-friendly water treatment, has been designed specifically for use in Miura’s once-through boiler. Made mainly from naturally occurring silica, BOILERMATE reduces corrosion in your systems without relying on dangerous chemicals. Read more about BOILERMATE here.


We’ve partnered with fellow steam industry leaders Armstrong and HSB to provide our customers with a full steam service that covers everything they might need, from insurance, compliance, maintenance, and leading IoT technology. For a monthly payment, you can rest assured that your boiler systems will perform at their best. 

Modular Steam Boiler Design: Saving You Space and Energy

Miura’s modular steam boiler systems pack a big steam output into a small footprint. Miura boilers exceed the horsepower of traditional boilers and take up half the real estate. Our systems are stackable, so you can get the exact steam power you need and easily expand as your business grows. 

The added benefits of Miura modular steam boilers include:

  • Safer Maintenance: These boilers are easy to use, quick to maintain, and monitored remotely through our real-time monitoring equipment and systems.
  • Water and Energy Efficiency: Miura boilers have rapid start-up and cool-down times, responding quickly to the needs of your business. Leaving a steam boiler running isn’t cost or energy-efficient; we’ve solved that. 
  • Safer Design: Traditional boilers carry a high volume of water, which can be disastrous in the event of an explosion. Mura’s once-through steam boilers require low volumes of water, making them safer overall. 

There are endless benefits and growth opportunities available to you with Miura’s Steam Package Solutions.

If you’d like to speak to one of our experts about how one of our modular steam boiler systems can benefit your organization, contact us today.