Boiler Feedwater Tanks

When building your boiler system, it is required to have a properly sized water storage tank for a few reasons, such as avoiding low water shutoffs, preheating treatment to reduce air concentration and, having a location to inject any boiler water chemical treatment. Miura offers standard and custom feedwater tanks that communicate and function seamlessly with our boiler systems.

Miura feedwater tanks feature an atmospheric storage tank preheated with direct steam. Being atmospheric, the temperature of the water can heat up to, but cannot surpass, 212°F.  Miura feedwater tanks come in a range of sizes and with multiple options to choose from.

Your Miura representative is ready to help you determine the proper size of feedwater tank that will supply your system, as well as other options you may need or desire for proper operation.

Feedwater Tank Features

Miura feedwater tanks are constructed from stainless steel, with standard accessories that include:

  • Premium steam control valve manufactured by Armstrong
  • Optional tank insulation cover
  • A three-valve bypass for the makeup valve
  • Steam preheat control valve and sparge tube

Our tanks include an option to add pumps and pump piping, as well as motor starters (circuit breakers, contactors, thermal overloads) to the control panel.

Feedwater Tank Features

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