Miura Launches New “Intuitive” Website That Anticipates User Requirements

Miura Launches New “Intuitive” Website That Anticipates User Requirements

World leader in steam boilers marks their 60th anniversary with a “smarter website” that improves information access while highlighting their representative network.

ROCKMART, GEORGIA: November 21, 2019: Miura boilers, the world leader in steam boiler technology, has used the occasion of their 60th anniversary to launch a new user-friendly website (miuraboiler.com) that features impressive functionality and makes it easier to access relevant information, locate a representative, receive a qualified estimate, purchase a new boiler fast, and so much more.”As a company that always utilizes the best technology available, we wanted our new website to provide the same level of innovation and quality as our products,” stated Andrew Eklind, Miura’s Marketing Manager. “The new Miura website has cleaner routes to relevant information and better flow, while addressing the needs of new and current customers.”

But beyond the site’s many resources such as FAQs, videos, brochures and a blog, MiuraBoiler.com was created to effectively address buying concerns by providing tools that offer viewers an accurate assessment of costs, and other critical buying variables.

“Among the many advances in our new website are quote forms we’ve created with intuitive, user-specific prompts,” adds Eklind. “These forms allow customers to get detailed pricing on a new system based on their particular requirements and needs”

In the upper right hand corner of every page on the new Miura website, viewers can click “Request A Quote,” and link to a form that was designed to address the various concerns of steam boiler buyers, and provide a buyer-specific response.

For example, in addition to the generic inputs (name, company, email, phone) the Miura website quote form includes input for a number of user-specific variables including: the level of steam demand required, boiler operating pressure, whether the steam comes in contact with edible foods, boiler usage based on hours per day and days per year, type of fuel, whether the boiler is part of new construction or a retrofit, and much more. This detailed information provides a great starting point for the Miura team to analyze the steam demand, and provide the most efficient system to carry the load while providing savings anywhere possible.

The new Miura website also helps viewers make a more informed decision by providing industry and application-specific links to customers in their own marketplace, who offer their opinions and comments on Miura boilers in case studies and videos.

Beyond these informative links, the new Miura website has also been designed to support Miura boiler owners; customers who need a new boiler fast using Miura’s Quick Ship Xpress service, and Miura’s network of representatives.

“We take great pride in our network of representatives throughout the country, which is why the new website makes it easy locate and connect with them,” adds Eklind. “The Rep Locator link in the navigation bar opens an interactive map that allows the viewer to click their location and be linked to representatives in their area.”

For all customers, the Quick Ship Xpress link features an overview video of this unique service and makes it easy to buy a new boiler fast, while avoiding the high cost of rental boilers.

For Miura boiler owners, in need of assistance, the Service My Boiler link opens a form that allows customers to document their specific needs, in order to streamline communication between them and the nearby technician.

As the world leader in On-Demand Steam Boiler Systems, Miura has achieved an impressive reputation for their innovative technology such as “full steam from a cold start in less than five minutes,” and a range of other advantages. Miura’s quick start-up also allows users to shut down units fast in lower demand periods, without idling them and wasting fuel.

The company, founded on a philosophy of safety and conservation continues to be recognized for their highly-efficient and reliable steam boilers that conserve resources, reduce energy costs, and minimize environmental impact, as well as their remarkable safety record:

With more than 150,000 units in operation worldwide, Miura has never had a pressure vessel explosion resulting in casualty, an achievement that continues to impress current customers, while attracting new ones.

The company’s “safer-by-design” engineering, combined with their unique boiler geometry, means that catastrophic vessel failure is practically impossible, and day-to-day safety issues related to installation, operation, and maintenance are greatly reduced.

Miura boilers are available in two series, LX and EX. The company also provides a range of products from earth-friendly chemicals that are added to the water supply to extend boiler life, to innovative remote monitoring systems.

The LX Gas/Low NOx Series, Low and High Pressure Steam Boiler (available in boiler models ranging from 50 -300HP) use natural gas or propane and are available in a range of steam pressure options (300 MAWP, 170 MAWP or 15 MAWP). Their compact size allows most models to fit through an industrial 7-foot doorway, while their naturally low NOx (nitrogen oxides) ratings are as low as 9ppm depending on model. This meets or exceeds current and proposed regulations for nitrogen oxide emissions levels.

The EX Gas/Oil Series High Pressure Steam Boilers (available in boiler models starting from 100HP, and in 50HP increments up to 300HP) are the most versatile industrial steam boilers in the world. The EX design minimizes carryover and produces dry saturated steam in less than 5 minutes from a cold start. Faster start-up means less fuel used, greater savings, and more responsible use of precious natural resources.

Miura’s new website is just one more example of the company’s commitment to excellence.