Why Miura Steam Boilers Are Safer By Design

Miura America Co, Ltd. understands the critical importance of maintaining safe, well-designed industrial boiler system.

That’s why we’ve designed and engineered modular, low-water-content steam boilers with the intention of achieving this goal. Miura boilers also come with additional safety measures that are missing from most conventional boilers, such as a remote monitoring system that allows Miura technicians to view real-time data of any Miura boiler that requires maintenance.

With more than 140,000 units in operation worldwide, Miura’s “Safer by Design” boilers have experienced once-through, catastrophic vessel failures and zero casualties. That’s the best safety record in the industry. The best part? Miura boilers accomplish this while also maximizing reliability and efficiency.

Read our entire “Safer By Design” white paper to learn more about how Miura water tube boilers are intrinsically safer than conventional fire tube boilers:

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