Miura Boilers Manage Your Steam Requirements During Low Seasons

Miura Boilers Manage Your Steam Requirements During Low Seasons

It’s rare for facilities to need their industrial steam boilers around the clock. Most businesses and organizations that rely on steam for various applications – manufacturing textiles, heating buildings, sterilizing equipment, or batch-processing chemicals – have daily and even seasonal lulls in their steam load requirements.

Take a look at a busy craft brewery, for example. Steam is critical for initiating the brewing process and for sterilization and pasteurization. But that does not mean a brewery needs the same amount of steam produced throughout the day. A boiler room’s steam output isn’t consistent and typically fluctuates between maximum and minimum steam load demands. 

Ideally, during these off-peak “periods,” a brewer should be able to pare back on their boiler’s steam production to lower fuel consumption, reduce costs and emissions, and prevent unnecessary energy waste. However, traditional firetube boilers are not that responsive and are an inefficient and costly steam solution for businesses like breweries with fluctuating steam load demands. 

The good news is that their more modern counterparts offer greater efficiencies. Let’s examine how Miura low NOx on-demand steam boilers are the better, cleaner, and cost-saving alternative.

Why Are Conventional Boilers a Drain on Resources?

Traditional boilers are behemoths. Their large horizontal pressure vessels hold a substantial volume of water that is heated to create steam. Their sheer size makes them a daily safety risk to boiler operators and maintenance technicians. It also means that more time and fuel energy are needed to heat boiler water to its optimum temperature to produce steam. For this reason, many conventional boiler owners leave their machines running throughout the day – burning through fuel as they go – and even after hours;  the alternative is arriving at work in the early morning to fire the boiler up to be ready in time, or not having steam exactly when needed. 

Imagine the energy wasted and the emissions rates rising as a boiler continues working at total capacity throughout the day on a nearly empty college campus during vacation time or a lull in linen loads at an industrial laundry facility

In addition, firetube boilers aren’t designed with the future in mind. Whether your facility is expanding and you need more steam power, or you’re relocating altogether, moving or removing large, traditional boilers is difficult and expensive. 

So, what is the alternative?

Miura Boilers – Steam on Demand

Miura boilers have a thoughtful design. Their compact bodies are far smaller than their traditional counterparts, so they fit easily into most existing boiler room spaces. Reducing clutter in the boiler room means fewer cramped and confined areas, creating a safer environment for boiler operators and maintenance staff. Plus, if your organization needs to level up its steam power or you’re moving to new premises, additional boilers can be easily added to existing boiler rooms, and the systems can be transported to your new facility. 

Miura’s boilers are safer and easier to use, but what about efficient steam generation? 

The design of the low water content boilers allows a smaller volume of water to be heated as it flows through the vertical water tubes. Although a Miura boiler’s steam output matches its traditional counterparts, less fuel is needed to heat a smaller amount of water, and turning the water to steam takes far less time. Our boilers are fired up and ready to go in less than five minutes, quickly and automatically responding to steam load demand fluctuations throughout the day and night. 

The ability to power the boiler down when steam power isn’t needed; to only run a boiler at specific times means massive fuel and cost savings. Plus, eliminating the energy waste caused by a fired-up boiler not in use slashes Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions. The savings are across the board for businesses with low seasons and fluctuating steam demand. 

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