How Boilermate® Water Treatment Works for Steam Boilers

How Boilermate® Water Treatment Works for Steam Boilers

Water is one of our most important resources — in fact, it’s essential to life on earth. However, believe it or not, as the “universal solvent,” water can also be remarkably corrosive over time. Ions and particulates in the water can react with pipes to cause either scale build up, gradual corrosion and decay, or both. For this reason, steam boiler plants face the constant dilemma of how to balance water treatment to protect their equipment with the danger of injecting harmful chemicals into the water itself.

Miura has found a solution to this problem with Boilermate®, an eco-friendly water treatment system that limits the need for chemical treatment while protecting your boiler system against the corrosive properties of water.

What Is Boilermate?

Boilermate is an environmentally-friendly product whose active ingredient is silica, a naturally occurring substance that protects against corrosion. When used in the proper quantity in relation to particulates in the water, silicate effectively neutralizes the effects of corrosive ions in the water while coating the tubes with a protective film.

How Boilermate Works to Protect Your Miura Boiler System

Boilermate is a perfect match for Miura’s “once-through” tube design, enabling the boiler to produce steam in as little as 5 minutes. Other commonly used water treatment chemicals like sulfites require additional time and heat to activate with oxygen, thus slowing down the startup process. Boilermate requires no activation but immediately provides the needed protection in a once-through tube. And because Boilermate requires no pre-heating of the feedwater, Miura users can save considerable costs by not needing to install a dearator.

Compatible with other Miura Controls

Achieving proper chemical balance with any water treatment can be a tricky proposition. Adding to0 little of the chemical can make the treatment ineffective, while adding too much can create other quality control issues. The Boilermate chemical control system works in conjunction with the BL Micro Controller and Miura Online Maintenance (MOM) to ensure the proper amount of treatment chemicals are injected into the water for maximum protection without overuse. This intelligent monitoring and pumping process both preserves optimal water quality and reduces the cost of waste.

Guaranteed Performance

The Boilermate water treatment system has been proven highly effective over the years for its ability to prevent water corrosion — so much so that Miura has implemented a one-of-a-kind warranty for our industry based on its use. When users choose to protect their product using the Boilermate system, Miura will guarantee the Pressure Vessel and Economizer against failure due to rust and corrosion.

Miura is proud to integrate the use of Boilermate water treatment as a key component of our reliable, turn-key boiler systems.

To learn more about Boilermate and how it can enhance your boiler systems’ performance, give Miura America a call at 1-855-817-3722 or locate a Miura rep in your area.