7 Easy Steps to Getting an Emergency Steam Boiler

7 Easy Steps to Getting an Emergency Steam Boiler

Food processing plants, breweries, hospitals, laundries, and several other industries rely on steam boilers to meet their daily production quota. Tasked with creating heat that push-starts a range of production processes, steam boilers are critical to the efficiency and profitability of many manufacturing plants.

With such an important role to fulfill, steam boiler repairs can often be hurried and temporary to maintain steam production. Unfortunately, years of cosmetic fixes can leave your steam boiler in a fragile state, leading to more severe issues suddenly arising.

When a steam boiler unexpectedly fails, you have two options:

  1. Renting a temporary steam boiler while waiting for a new replacement
  2. Buying a new steam boiler quickly through a program like Miura’s Quick Ship Xpress (QSX)

Find out why Miura now offers a quick-ship alternative to the traditional rental steam boiler model.

The Cons of Renting a Temporary Steam Boiler

Renting critical steam boiler infrastructure for any period of time comes with its downsides.

  • Temporary steam boiler rental units are an expensive solution. First, the initial upfront installation costs and rental premiums are to consider. Costs are also involved when breaking down the temporary boiler unit when it’s no longer needed. You will also need to factor in the production downtime needed for installing your new boiler and getting it up and running when it finally arrives.
  • A rental boiler won’t be in as good condition as a new replacement, since it is invariably an older model that’s been used in different locations to provide emergency steam. This can often lead to reduced efficiencies and increased costs. For example, your rental boiler may consume more fuel than budgeted for to meet your daily steam load requirements. There’s a range of potential complications that can come with a rental product, which can be difficult to prepare for.

    Quick Ship Xpress (QSX) delivers a brand new steam boiler to your facility in the same amount of time it takes to get a rental boiler.
    Miura’s Quick Ship Xpress delivers a brand new steam boiler to your facility in the same amount of time it takes to get a rental boiler.

Why Buy a Steam Boiler Through Quick Ship Xpress?

Let’s be honest, interim rental boilers are only necessary because of the turnaround time boiler manufacturers need to build a new replacement boiler. Miura’s Quick Ship Xpress (QSX) program provides the perfect solution to faulty steam boilers that need replacing fast.

Miura doesn’t manufacture our QSX steam boilers on speculation; we keep stock aside for when our clients need them. What this means is you won’t need to wait for your boiler for very long after you’ve ordered and paid for it.

In many cases, depending on your location in the U.S. and your specific boiler system needs, Miura can deliver a boiler to you – along with any auxiliary equipment needed – in as little as 24 – 48 hrs. Our service is quick and flexible, to help mitigate any prolonged and costly downtime at your plant.

You’ll also only need to install your replacement boiler once, saving you both time and money. What’s more, you’ll gain all the efficiencies that come with our modular watertube boiler systems, including space savings due to our boilers’ compact design, rapid start-up times, lower NOx emissions, remote monitoring functionalities, and more!

7 Steps to Getting a Permanent Emergency Steam Solution, Fast

Step 1. Contact a Local Representative or Submit an Online Form

We offer emergency steam boilers from our LX Gas Fired or EX Dual Fuel ranges. A trained local representative will get in touch to confirm your exact needs and budget to provide you with a steam boiler solution that meets your steam load requirements. We propose each boiler system based on a facility’s unique load profile.

We keep stock of tested, full-package steam boilers on our premises, ready for shipping. Your local representative will check stock availability, and our factory will then create and submit a comprehensive proposal for your review.

Step 2. Order Submission and Payment

Your order is finalized once you’ve made payment. Your rep will then submit the order to the Miura factory for fulfillment and delivery.

Step 3. Delivery Arrangements

Personnel at our Miura factory in Rockmart, Georgia, will reserve a truck and make the necessary preparations to get your boiler on route to you within as short a space of time as possible. To manage time expectations, we will provide clear communication to ensure optimal delivery scheduling.

Step 4. Pre-Work to Streamline the Installation

While your steam boiler is in transit, we suggest that you start with whatever pre-work you can so there’s minimal time lost getting your new boiler installed and running when it arrives. Our Miura reps can also assist you with site preparation if you need it.

Pre-work mostly involves getting the site ready for your new steam boiler. This involves:

  • Clearing out the old boiler and exhaust stack
  • Adding new gas lines if your new system requires it
  • Modifying your current pad to fit the new steam boiler (if necessary)
  • Acquiring all the necessary paperwork (permits) so that everything’s ready for inspection after the boiler has been installed

Step 5. Offloading and Installation

Your Miura rep can help offload and set up your new Miura steam boiler.

Step 6. Getting Inspection-Ready

Your rep can get in touch with an inspector if you need an installation inspection for insurance or safety reasons. Your Miura steam boiler will include an industry-leading warranty that includes two onsite inspections within the first six months. To enjoy your steam boiler for many years to come, ensure you schedule this with your local representative.

Step 7. Training

Your rep will train your operators on the operating and maintenance procedures of your new watertube steam boiler. You will learn about important startup and shutdown procedures, how to operate our boilers’ smart control and monitoring devices, and the functioning of any or all auxiliary equipment.

Call us now on 1-678-685-0929, submit an online form, or get in contact with a Miura representative near you to get an emergency steam boiler fast.