Why Miura Leads in Industrial Boiler Safety

Why Miura Leads in Industrial Boiler Safety

Miura’s industrial boilers are internationally recognized for not only their efficiency and reliability but also their safety. That’s because Miura’s once-through water tube boilers are backed by a flawless safety record. With more than 140,000 pressure vessels in service across the world, there have been zero documented catastrophic failures. What’s behind this glowing track record for safety? Let’s explore four reasons why Miura leads in industrial boiler safety:

1. Miura’s once-through water tube boilers have lower water content than traditional fire tube boilers.

While catastrophic boiler explosions are rare, they’re virtually non-existent with once-through water tube boilers. This is because they have significantly lower water content than the hulking conventional fire tube boilers.

Steam has a volume that is about 1,600 times greater than saturated water. Boiler explosions occur when the amount of saturated water introduced into a boiler system exceeds what the pressure vessel can contain. Generally, the more water a boiler contains, the more violent the explosion will be should a failure occur. This means that for massive fire tube boilers capable of holding hundreds or even thousands of gallons of water, a failure can be devastating.

This is a sharp contrast to Miura’s water tube boilers, which need only one-tenth of the water required for a fire tube boiler. Should a Miura water tube boiler experience a failure, any damage would remain localized to one specific tube rather than the entire system.

2. Miura’s unique “floating header” controls water levels within the pressure vessel.

In addition to low water content, Miura’s water tube boilers feature a “floating header” design that allows the water tubes to expand and contract safely while being heated up. This design protects against failures caused by thermal shock and allows Miura boilers to produce steam in less than five minutes.

3. Miura boiler monitoring systems automatically catch issues before they become major problems.

Another way Miura boilers prevent failures is by leveraging advanced monitoring and diagnostic systems that are capable of identifying and solving potential safety issues before they become critical. For example, if a boiler’s water level isn’t being controlled properly and is close to exceeding what it needs to be, the system will automatically trip offline until the problem can be addressed.

4. Simple preventative maintenance keeps Miura boilers running safely, efficiently, and reliably.

Regular maintenance is the best way to ensure your boiler system remains efficient, reliable, and safe for decades to come. Miura offers a preventative maintenance program that sets you up with everything you need to keep your boiler running like the day you bought it — including our Miura Online Maintenance (MOM) system, which connects with Miura’s team of engineers to remotely monitor and troubleshoot any boiler safety issues.

When it comes to choosing the safest pressure vessel for your facility, it all comes down to boiler design, monitoring technology, and ease of maintenance. To learn more about Miura’s outstanding boiler safety track record, give Miura America a call at 1-855-817-3722 or locate a Miura rep in your area.