Guide to SCAQMD RECLAIM Transition for Steam Boilers

Guide to SCAQMD RECLAIM Transition for Steam Boilers

In an effort to improve air quality for 17 million Californians living in Los Angeles, Orange County, Riverside, and San Bernardino Counties, the South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD) regularly monitors and enforces regulations on local emission producing equipment.

On December 7, 2018, SCAQMD updated Rule 1146, 1146.1, and 1146.2 covering industrial boilers and steam generators in a variety of industries. This update included sunsetting the RECLAIM program and transitioning to Command and Control.

While looking into your options, it is important to know that RECLAIM facilities do not have to purchase a newer version of the same large-scale boiler to stay compliant. 

To help you learn more about the regulation and your options, we compiled a few common questions and answers below.

SCAQMD established the RECLAIM regulatory structure to clean up the air by utilizing the marketplace. For these facilities, SCAQMD regulates the total pollution of NOx and SOx in the facility from all pieces of equipment.

With the latest amendments enacted on December 7, 2018, SCAQMD is sunsetting this structure, not allowing additional facilities to join the RECLAIM structure, and transitioning all facilities to the Command and Control structure. NOx emissions regulations now apply to each piece of equipment and must meet Best Available Retrofit Control Technology (BARCT) standards. To comply, most facilities needed to submit permit applications for boilers that do not meet the limits by December 7, 2019. Facilities need to upgrade or change their existing equipment to meet the standards by the end of 2022. So, it is encouraged to make the transition soon.

But, RECLAIM facilities do not have to replace their current equipment with another large-scale boiler. Facilities can meet the regulation by upgrading to modular water tube boilers that have significant advantages including fuel efficiency savings, increased safety, and smaller size for equal horsepower.

All facilities remain in the RECLAIM structure until all facilities exit. Until then, most must still comply with RECLAIM and BARCT rules and continue RECLAIM monitoring, recordkeeping, and reporting requirements. This includes new and upgraded equipment installed to meet Command and Control standards before the deadline. Miura’s modular water tube boilers meet all required standards for program transition.

Looking to start a discussion on improving your boiler systems efficiency to become emissions compliant? Miura makes it easy by filling out our “Request a Quote” form or reach out to your local rep.

One of the landing rules for RECLAIM to Command and Control transition is SCAQMD Rule 1146. Miura LX Ultra Low NOx Gas-Fired Industrial Steam Boiler meets SCAQMD Rule 1146 under Group III classification. This classification requires water-tube steam boilers with maximum heat input of 20 MMBTU/hr to meet 9 ppm NOx and 100 ppm CO. 

Miura’s modular industrial boilers are gas-fired and designed to easily scale up or down based on your facility’s steam needs, all while meeting emission regulations on each unit. The compact design can easily allow for additional units to meet business changes.

In addition to meeting the RECLAIM transition emissions requirements, Miura boilers do not require a Continuous Emission Monitoring System (CEMS), a Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) with Ammonia Injection, or Ammonia Spill Containment Guidance, which will provide significant savings.

Unlike traditional large-scale boilers, Miura’s unique modular design produces full steam in less than five minutes and is the highest standard for boiler safety. The compact design occupies 50% less floor space than traditional boilers, giving you double steam capacity in the same space or reduce space requirements by half for new construction.

The modular system design is scalable to deliver the amount of steam you need now, with the ability to add more units if your steam demand increases. Your boilers run even during maintenance, and you can easily add or subtract boilers as your business requires. This model provides significant energy savings by only using the boilers that you need and turning off the boilers not needed for minimum and average steam use.  

Miura boilers are manufactured in Rockmart, Georgia, and come with advanced technology for real-time monitoring of your boiler system. We also provide water treatment, monitoring and control, and boiler room equipment programs to ensure your investment lasts the test of time.

We teamed up with Armstrong International and Hartford Steam Boiler to provide a turnkey steam solution for a single monthly payment and no upfront cost. With Steam-as-a-Service, you never worry about fines or shutdowns from changing rules and regulations.

Instead of buying your own boilers and running your own steam plant, our team does it for you, so the risks associated with compliance is off your plate. This option gives you zero capital expenditures, a scalable boiler system, and future-proof peace of mind ⁠— all while complying with environmental regulations.

Miura America is listed as a qualified vendor in the SoCalGas Trade Professional Directory. If you are a SoCalGas customer, you could qualify for a rebate through the Energy-Efficiency Rebates for Business (EERB) program. Any commercial, public, industrial, or agricultural customer with an active and valid SoCalGas account can apply. Contact SoCalGas for more information and to apply.

If you are a SoCalGas customer and are eligible for the gas rebate, the Miura system is more advantageous and can increase your total rebate amount versus a large-scale system. For demonstration purposes, let us show a comparison of a 1200 BHP traditional boiler versus a 1200 BHP Miura modular system.

For example, if your facility has a maximum steam demand of 1200 BHP and you choose a traditional system, you’ll require one 1200 BHP boiler. For the Miura modular boiler system of 1200 BHP, we would place four LX Ultra Low NOx 300 BHP units in the facility to equal 1200 BHP in the same or less space. As you can see below, by multiplying smaller modular boiler units to equal the necessary horsepower, a facility can receive a greater rebate than having one large-scale boiler.

For additional questions about your facility’s units and to learn more about choosing a Miura boiler system, fill out the form below.