Replacing Your Old Industrial Boiler With Miura’s Energy-Saving Solution

Replacing Your Old Industrial Boiler With Miura’s Energy-Saving Solution

Industrial boilers are integral equipment in businesses in all sectors. They are responsible for warming buildings, sterilizing equipment, and helping companies perform their daily functions. These vital pieces of machinery are also significant investments. A traditional industrial firetube boiler is expensive to purchase, install, and maintain and presents considerable challenges throughout its lifespan. But what is the alternative? 

What Are the Challenges Associated With Traditional Firetube Boilers?

Traditional boilers present significant challenges in the 21st century when consumers and businesses are hunting for sleek designs, streamlined functionality, safer equipment, and more sustainable machinery. 


Traditional firetube boilers are massive pieces of equipment that occupy much of the space in most boiler rooms. 

Conducting maintenance checks and fixes with a huge water tank, heavy metal doors, and large metal pipes protruding from the boiler is challenging. Boiler room operators are at risk of injury from scalding pipes, the physical challenge of opening doors weighing around a thousand pounds, or being hit by an airborne gasket pin catapulting off the machine. 

Ensuring employees feel protected and confident in the working environment contributes to an operationally successful business. And, employees who don’t feel safe at work are often more prone to making mistakes, and maintenance checks that are difficult and risky to perform are frequently pushed down the priority list, putting the boiler’s performance on the line.  


Traditional boilers have a massive footprint, occupying a lot of real estate, which is, for many businesses, in short supply. Whether in a factory, hospital, processing plant, or brewery, the large amount of room dedicated to the boiler could be put to better use elsewhere. 


We already know that industrial steam boilers are a significant investment, but their running costs also affect the bottom line. With their high fuel and water use, mainly thanks to their large volume water tanks, the energy costs themselves are monumental. Factor in maintenance costs – particularly if the boiler hasn’t been regularly serviced – potential financial loss from boiler-related injuries, and loss of income and resources if the boiler experiences unexpected downtime, and you’ve got a hefty dent in the budget. 

Energy Use

The large-volume tanks on traditional steam boiler models use an incredible amount of water. As governments encourage businesses to find more sustainable practices, heavy water usage, especially in drought areas, is far from ideal.

A substantial amount of fuel is needed to heat these water tanks to their optimum temperature. This process takes hours, drains energy resources, and emits high levels of greenhouse gases. Because the start-up time is so lengthy, many businesses simply leave their boilers running after hours, increasing emissions. 

To meet emission standards now required by law, businesses must find methods of dropping their CO2 levels, of which the industrial steam boiler is a large contributor. 

Not Scalable

Thanks to their size, the traditional firetube boiler isn’t ideal for a business looking to scale. Firstly, suppose an organization is thriving and needs additional steam power to meet demand. In that case, it’s doubtful their existing boiler room can house a second firetube boiler. The solution? Turning to construction and building more space to accommodate more boilers.

If the business is relocating, there’ll be hoops to jump through yet again, as moving equipment of this size is difficult, risky, and probably a notable additional expense.  

Safety risks, unnecessary expenses, unsustainable practices, and an unscalable steam source: updating your business’s steam power shouldn’t be a nice-to-have. It should be essential. 

Updating Your Industrial Steam Boiler

Updating the industrial steam boiler benefits businesses in the long term. Miura has been creating industrial steam boilers for over seventy years; sustainable, safe, and streamlined steam boilers are nothing new to us. For decades, we’ve created compact boilers that occupy a small footprint but meet and often beat traditional firetube boilers in terms of output and efficiency.

Before sustainability was front and center on the world’s stage, we were focusing on steam solutions that minimized energy consumption. Our boilers are rapid fire-up systems, allowing businesses to control their steam use during peak and low periods and ultimately reduce their emission rates. Learn more about how we can help you meet your environmental goals here.

At Miura, businesses are all about the people, which is why we prioritize safety, ensuring our machines are safer by design. There’s no unnecessary heavy lifting, and boiler room operators are no longer at risk of devastating injuries while on the job. 

Switching your steam power solution to a Miura boiler makes sense financially, environmentally, and operationally, and it’s a friction-free process. Visit our Philosophy page to find out what to expect when you opt for a Miura boiler, and contact one of our team for more information.