Enjoy real-time monitoring of your boiler system with SteamNet.

Miura’s ER-220USC, also known as SteamNet, is a monitoring, reporting, and communication device for Miura boilers and accessories utilizing an industrial PC, touchscreen display, and PLC. SteamNet provides real-time monitoring with user-friendly equipment displays, automatically generates reports for easy auditing, alerts operators to system alarms and notices, outputs system data via Modbus TCP for simple connection and robust reporting to building automation systems, and logs operational data for future reference.

Enjoy real-time monitoring of your boiler system with SteamNet.
  • Real-Time Monitoring

Keep track of the complete MIURA system with an overall and individual equipment monitor screens. The overview provides a customized, high-level view of the system along with a trend graph of system pressure and steam generated. The individual screens provide dynamic graphics and contextual information for each piece of equipment.

  • Report Generation

Create system reports manually or automatically for custom timespans. Reports include operational data, such as boiler runtimes, fuel usage, and steam generation. These can be viewed on-screen, printed, or exported.

  • Alarm Monitoring & History

Relays connected equipment alarms in real-time while maintaining a log of all alarms for trend analysis and maintenance support.

  • Data Output & Building Integration Automation

Modbus TCP makes data available for use with building automation systems. A wide range of information is available from each system component, including boilers (pressure, water level, temperatures, fuel consumption, steam output, etc.), water softeners (operating mode, water consumption, alarms, etc.), and Colormetry (hardness, operating status, etc.).

  • Historical Trending

View information based on equipment data recorded every 10 seconds. The system steam pressure and output are presented in a graphical, interactive format based on a user-specified timespan.

  • Touch Screen Display

Allows easy interaction with dynamic, high-resolution diagrams

  • System Status Light

Located above the touchscreen display, this light provides quick status updates by illuminating green (normal), yellow (caution or notice), or red (alarm).


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