Miura America and Miura Canada Visit Japan Global Headquarters

Miura America and Miura Canada Visit Japan Global Headquarters

In November 2022, joined with members from Miura Canada, some of our Miura America team members jetted to Japan to visit Miura’s origins and train at our global headquarters. Specially selected by managers across different departments and levels, the “GoJapan” trip is a thank you for continuous hard work and service. This year’s visit was the first trip since the pandemic.

The trip began by traveling to Matsuyama and visiting the Miura Japan office. The team took a tour of the campus consisting of multiple factories, offices, and a company history museum. After exploring Miura’s origins and catching up with Miura Japan colleagues, including former Miura America President Ozzy Ochi, the team had a delicious dinner at Ginjiro.

The next day, they got hands-on (or should we say, feets-on) at an udon noodle-making class and enjoyed the fruits of their labor for lunch. Afterward, they explored the path to Konpira Shrine and traveled to Kobe to see the harbor, earthquake memorial and enjoy fresh, tender Kobe steak.

After a night in Kobe, they traveled to the Osaka Castle and explored the Dotonbori area for lunch and shopping. They even looked out from the top of Abeno Harukas, the tallest building in Japan. For dinner, they ate at Dynamic Kitchen & Bar and tried Hibiki Japanese whisky.

Leaving Osaka Kita, they traveled to Kyoto for the last full day of adventure to visit the Fushimi Inari-Taisha shrine where people go to pray for prosperity. After exploring the Kiyomizu Temple and the surrounding area, they participated in a tea ceremony and made wagashi confectionary. They finished the last full day with a kaiseki dinner at Tazuru before leaving Kyoto to return home the next morning.

“My favorite part was the culture,” said Pam Baskette, Human Resources Manager at Miura America. “The people of Japan were so nice, friendly, and accommodating.”