Miura Steam Boiler Technology Provides Key Advantages During the Pandemic

Miura Steam Boiler Technology Provides Key Advantages During the Pandemic

World leader in industrial steam boilers makes it easier for companies to expand production or reduce costs as required.

Rockmart, GA, August 19, 2020 – Miura Steam Boilers are uniquely engineered to provide maximum flexibility for those companies who want to ramp up production, or others who need to remain operational while reducing overall costs during the pandemic.

With a modular-styled boiler design, Miura’s industry-leading technology allows users to completely turn boilers off easily, or turn them on for full steam in less than five minutes; remarkable advantages that maximize efficiency, conserve resources, reduce emissions, and control fuel costs.

Miura, the world leader and fastest-growing steam boiler manufacturer in the US can ensure outstanding performance and better value in these uncertain times.

“Miura boilers can quickly and effectively respond to a wide range of needs and concerns during this pandemic,” states Senior Vice President Paul O’Donnell. “That advantage is critical for companies who need to increase production quickly, as well as those who need to closely monitor their output to ensure efficient operation and real savings.”

Miura’s compactly-designed boilers offer several other advantages from easier installation to simpler operation and maintenance; plus the company’s remote monitoring is ideal as companies stagger work hours and reduce on-site labor.

For in-demand industries like food processing and packaging, Miura boilers can be added quickly with the company’s exclusive Quick Ship Xpress program that can have a boiler delivered in about 48 hours and ready for fast installation.

“In these challenging times, it is essential that businesses, schools and hospitals be able to operate their steam plants in a manner consistent with their needs, and that means relying on modular,  more efficient boiler systems that can respond quickly to changing requirements,” added Mr. O’Donnell. “Miura has always recognized that better functionality, in a range of operating environments, is essential.”

Miura has also taken the lead in next-generation steam supply with Steam-as-a-Service (SaaS), an innovation that requires no upfront costs, and delivers state-of-the-art, fully-controlled steam for a simple monthly fee.

SaaS is being offered by Miura and their alliance partners, Hartford Steam Boiler and Armstrong Services, and is being considered by an increasing number of companies, especially as the pandemic impacts costs and manpower concerns.

Miura, which has earned an industry-best safety record, and was recently recognized a second time by OSHA’s Safety and Health Achievement Program  (SHARP), has instituted a number of safety procedures to protect its employees and customers during the pandemic, while ensuring that it meets customer needs.

Miura boilers are available in two series, LX and EX. The company also provides a range of products from earth-friendly chemicals that are added to the water supply to extend boiler life, to innovative remote monitoring systems.

The LX Gas/Low NOx Series, Low and High-Pressure Steam Boiler (available in boiler models ranging from 50 -300HP) use natural gas or propane and are available in a range of steam pressure options (300 MAWP, 170 MAWP or 15 MAWP). Their compact size allows most models to fit through an industrial 7-foot doorway, while their naturally low NOx (nitrogen oxides) ratings are as low as 9ppm depending on model.

The EX Gas/Oil Series High-Pressure Steam Boilers (available in boiler models starting from 100HP, and in 50HP increments up to 300HP) are the most versatile industrial steam boilers in the world. The EX design minimizes carryover and produces dry saturated steam in less than 5 minutes from a cold start. Faster start-up means less fuel used, greater savings, and more responsible use of precious natural resources.

Advances in technology have consistently met the challenges of a changing world,  and Miura’s vision of a modular boiler system that would be easier to operate and flexible in almost any situation is proving itself once again during the pandemic.


About Miura:

Miura was founded in 1927 and has grown to become one of the largest industrial steam boiler manufacturers in the world. In 2009, Miura opened a new U.S. manufacturing facility in Rockmart, Georgia. For more information on Miura boilers, call in the USA 1-888-309-5574. In Canada call 1-800-666-2182. Or, visit Miura online at their new intuitive website:  https://miuraboiler.com/