Name: Michael Gerhart

Location: Cleveland, Ohio

Miura Start Date: 2013

Michael’s journey with Miura began over two decades ago, when, fresh out of the Navy, he joined a Miura rep firm in New England. In 2013, Michael came aboard with Miura directly, and now a decade later, Michael is a Senior Sales Executive for Miura and has helped numerous customers improve the safety, reliability, and efficiency of their steam operations.

Michael’s interest in steam started in the United States Navy where he spent six years as a Submarine Nuclear Machinist Mate and Engineering Laboratory Technician. This experience not only gave him a keen understanding of how mechanical systems work, the nuances of heat transfer, and power generation, it instilled in him values that he still uses today. “They ingrain some things in you that are very important. Attention to detail being one of them, plus they really train you how to learn. When we walk into a plant, we assess everything holistically. We’re trying to find the best solution and we’re asking a ton of questions, trying to get to the details that really matter, or that will really matter. So, you begin to develop a process, where you can go in and pull out the information you need in order to put together a system and solution for that customer that is going to meet their unique needs.”

One of the things that’s perhaps not spoken about enough is the consistency of Miura boilers. They’re certainly known for their compact, modular design, but Michael draws attention to how their consistent product line allows him to give his customers a true peace of mind. “One of the advantages of Miura’s modular system approach is that they build the same models repeatedly, reducing room for errors. Customization for the customer comes in how the standard system building blocks are configured. And because of this repeatable manufacturing approach, I can deliver on my promise of high quality and reliable equipment to my customers.”

Operational boiler safety is also extremely important to Michael. While he understands that boiler safety has many layers to it, it is important for operators and prospective operators of Miura equipment to understand that the intrinsic safety of the Miura boiler design means that, in short, “even if they do everything wrong, while they can still damage the boiler, at the end of their shift, they’ll be able to go home and hug their loved ones.” Because Miura’s boilers are safer by design, he says, ”It gives me great peace of mind. I don’t worry about my customers making the evening news because of a boiler accident.”

If you’ve been around Michael at an industry trade show or had the opportunity to work on a steam project with him, one thing is clear – He’s not interested in merely selling you a modular steam boiler. He wants to offer you a long-term total solution which allows you to run your business successfully. He understands that you’re not primarily in the steam system or boiler business, but that you need cost-effective, safe, and reliable steam in order to make your business operate.

Favorite thing about working for Miura: “The product. The product works as advertised. We’ve also got some really great people on board here at Miura, people who really want to be here.”

Hobbies: Cars, travel, foodie, big history buff