Miura Spotlight Series: Adam Kellar

Miura Spotlight Series: Adam Kellar

Name: Adam Kellar

Location: Atlanta, Georgia

Miura Start Date: 2021

With a Mechanical Engineering degree from Auburn University, Adam Kellar brings innovative, fresh energy to Miura America. Adam’s journey with Miura began in 2021 as a Technical Support Engineer and he’s now the Engineering Department Manager based at the Miura headquarters in Rockmart, Georgia.

Adam’s engineering career began with the Southern Company at Plant Bowen in the Atlanta metro area, where he enjoyed working with thermal energy. He then went on to join an engineering firm where he worked on steam projects and after seven years of steam under his belt, Miura was the perfect fit. As the global leader in modular steam boilers, Adam has been able to bring his steam experience and education with him to Miura and has become an important asset to the company’s success.

Adam sees Miura continuing to provide the U.S. with the most efficient steam boiler on the market. There are other companies attempting to engineer compact boilers, but Adam points out that Miura has efficiency down to a science and that’s what makes customers happy. Miura boilers answer efficiency in multiple areas – Their compact size, modular design, and quick startup and shutdown.

Adam believes Miura is set up for success as companies become more energy conscious, and as real estate becomes more of a premium in so many industries across the country. The future is only bright, if you’re Miura, and Adam sees that and is proud to be a part of it. As the engineering space is becoming more innovative and more tech savvy, engineers like Adam are making huge impacts on their respective companies and industries and it’s exciting to watch.

Favorite thing about working for Miura: Adam enjoys how he’s able to touch every aspect of the product from start to finish. Being at the headquarters in Rockmart, Georgia allows Adam and up close and personal view of the product. He also points out how positive the company culture is at Miura.

Hobbies: Adam is really into amateur carpentry, home improvement, and spending time on the lake.