Miura Helps Industrial Laundries with Sustainability

Miura Helps Industrial Laundries with Sustainability

The United States is the largest greenhouse gas (GHG) emitter in history. According to Statista research, since 1850, America has produced around 422 billion metric tons of carbon dioxide (GtCO₂) through fossil fuels and other industrial processes. 

While the power sector and transportation are the biggest global contributors to GHG emissions, the onus is on businesses across the board to look at new ways to increase efficiencies, save energy, and reduce their carbon footprint.

Industrial laundries are no exception. The good news is that by investing in proven processes and the latest technologies that help manage and lower GHG emissions, commercial laundry businesses can also cut costs and keep their operations running smoothly and their employees safe.

Sustainability: Why is it Important for Industrial Laundries?

Serving hospitals, hospitality, restaurants, nursing homes, and more, industrial laundries are depended upon to provide expertly cleaned, dried, and pressed products while meeting strict health and safety regulations.  

The day-to-day functioning of an industrial laundry business typically requires a high steam output from a reliable and efficient steam boiler system. 

Steam boilers are critical to the success of a commercial laundry business and are used for:

  • Heating Water throughout the day to wash laundry loads hygienically. With several loads being washed simultaneously to keep up with customer orders, a laundry must rely on its boilers to produce enough hot water to run efficiently without any unexpected interruptions.
  • Steaming (or steam drying) to remove creases from materials while leaving a pleasant smell. 
  • Ironing and pressing – Industrial laundries typically use large ironing and pressing machines alongside steam drying. These units require a significant steam input to function. 

Burning fuel to run a large steam boiler 24/7 is costly to the environment and a business, especially when an outdated boiler system leads to lower heat transfer, reduced fuel-to-steam efficiencies, and increased emissions.  

How do Miura Boilers Help Achieve Sustainability Goals? 

Miura prioritizes sustainable steam solutions for every type of industry. As governments and regulators enforce low emissions standards, Miura is one step ahead with efficient boilers that improve your industrial laundry’s carbon footprint. 

Move your business towards a “greener” future with the benefits of a Miura boiler system:

Lower Water Volume

Miura steam boilers don’t rely on massive volumes of water like their traditional counterparts. Instead, an innovative “once-through” fin tube design requires less water and heats a smaller volume quickly, so energy resources aren’t wasted on a lengthy firing-up process. Plus, lower volume requirements mean less energy and water wastage in the long run.

Quick Start-Up Times 

Again, conventional boilers can take hours to heat up, draining an organization’s energy resources. Once heated, the boilers are typically left running even when not needed, resulting in skyrocketing emissions and energy costs. 

Due to their low-water volume design, Miura steam boilers can produce steam in under five minutes. An industrial laundry can experience fluctuations in its steam needs, but a Miura boiler system lets you use the steam you need; simply switch the system off until your organization’s demands increase, and then fire it up again in no time. 

Lower Emissions

Low NOx steam boilers like the Miura LX gas-fired steam boilers can reduce your emissions to as low as 9 ppm. These boilers meet the high horsepower of other boilers while producing a fraction of the emissions.

Choose a Greener Future With Miura

As the world strives to make sustainability efforts commonplace, businesses must adapt to new environmental regulations. Choosing a sustainable steam source is the first step towards minimizing a carbon footprint. Miura promises to join you on that journey through a  full life-cycle partnership.

We offer complete steam solutions so your organization can thrive with reliable and efficient steam monitored by innovative solutions and trained personnel on hand if or when you need them. 

Contact us to learn more about how we prioritize sustainable, quality steam for your business.