Automotive Manufacturing

Miura’s low-NOx, modular boiler systems are expertly designed to handle the needs of large-scale automotive manufacturing operations.

How are steam boilers used in automotive manufacturing?

For large-scale automotive manufacturing operations, steam is often required for sterilization, vulcanization, and other manufacturing processes that require fluctuating load demands. Miura boilers have been used to manufacture everything from tires to the carbon fiber used in the latest airplane construction. As carbon fiber becomes more prevalent in automotive designs, Miura is there to provide the best steam solution.

The key to success is in Miura’s modular design. Modular boiler systems are just as powerful as conventional boiler systems while also offering the added benefit of improved efficiency, a smaller footprint, lower utility costs, longer equipment life, and easy maintenance.

How do modular boilers work?

Modular boiler systems are comprised of multiple smaller boilers that work together as a single-boiler system through one master controller. They are ideal for handling fluctuating load demands, which in turn, leads to optimized efficiency and performance for large-scale manufacturing facilities.

“Over the years, technology has moved from large, single boilers with very imprecise load matching capabilities to multiple, smaller boilers operating as one steam system that match the precise steam requirements.”

Steam Boilers for Automotive Manufacturing