How to Avoid Rental Boiler Hidden Costs

How to Avoid Rental Boiler Hidden Costs

Having a problem with your industrial steam boiler can put you and your business in quite a bind. Depending on your industry, not having a fully functioning boiler can range anywhere from a terrible inconvenience to completely shutting down your business operations. Until you can get your boiler up and running again or find a replacement, there’s not much you can do other than look at rental boiler options.

Most companies will opt to rent a steam boiler as a way to temporarily fix the problem. However, renting a boiler is a deeply flawed process. Aside from the substantial cost of renting the boiler, the entire process is littered with hidden costs that add up quickly over time whether you realize it or not. Miura offers a way that you can avoid the hidden costs that come with renting a boiler by utilizing Miura’s Quick Ship Xpress program.

Renting a boiler not only costs a lot of money, it always wastes a substantial amount of time. You have to wait for the boiler to arrive and then go through the hassle of installing it before your steam production can resume as usual. Later, when you finally get around to buying a new boiler to serve as your permanent replacement, you have to take the time to uninstall the rental before getting the new one up and running. When you add up all the time it takes to do all this, you’ll have cost yourself a lot of money with all wasted hours when little can get done outside of installing the boiler.

With Miura’s Quick Ship Xpress, the entire process is streamlined, saving you time and money. Through the Quick Ship Xpress program, Miura can get a new boiler shipped to you in as little as 48 hours, which is faster than most rental agencies can deliver a rented boiler because Miura’s boilers are smaller and much easier to ship. Also, once you receive the new boiler, it’ll be easy to install, and you can get everything working again in no time. The time this process will save you is potentially worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.

With rented boilers, you also can’t lose sight of the fact that they’re not always in great shape. Any boiler you rent is used and may not function at an optimal level. Obviously, it’ll be better than your failed boiler, but there’s also a good chance it won’t perform at peak levels. This can hinder productivity and force you to spend more on fuel to keep it running, adding to the list of hidden costs that come with renting a boiler.

This is not an issue with Miura’s Quick Ship Xpress. Instead of a used boiler, Miura will be supplying you a brand new boiler that comes ready to perform at peak levels. In fact, the efficiency of the new boiler will likely be better than your old boiler in its prime. More importantly, the boiler you get through Quick Ship Xpress will be your new permanent boiler, so you won’t have to worry about any of the hidden costs that are inevitable when you enter into a lengthy contract to rent.

It’s easy to understand why your first instinct would be to rent a boiler when your current one breaks down. But if you want to avoid all the hidden costs of renting a boiler on top of the price of the rented boiler itself, it’s best to choose Miura’s Quick Ship Xpress program so that you can get a brand new boiler as soon as possible.

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