How Does Miura’s Multiple Installation (MI) System Work?

How Does Miura’s Multiple Installation (MI) System Work?

The unique design of Miura’s boilers helps companies add space in their boiler rooms, adjust to fluctuations in steam demand, save on fuel costs, and reduce emissions of harmful substances like NOx. However, while the design of the boiler is important, Miura’s Multiple Installation system also plays a huge role in helping companies accomplish all of that and more.

Miura’s MI system is designed to work with a series of smaller, modular boilers that work in conjunction with one another rather than one or two larger fire tube boilers. Miura’s boilers have a much smaller footprint than conventional boilers, making it possible to have several boilers in the same space as one or two larger boilers. Together, these modular boilers can handle the same steam demands as traditional boilers but in a much more efficient way.

The key is having a master controller for the entire system and an individual terminal for each boiler in the system. Using a sensor at the steam header, the master controller can monitor steam demand, detecting when the need for steam rises and falls. Knowing the demand for steam at any particular time, the master controller uses sophisticated software to control how much each boiler in the system contributes to meet the need in the most efficient way possible.

For example, the master controller could decide that two boilers need to be set on high fire, one can be set on low fire, and the rest don’t need to be turned on at all to meet steam demand. The software comes with a series of pre-set controls for managing demand. It’s also possible for those working onsite to customize the settings so that each boiler is managed in a specific way. The whole process is fully automated, as the master controller can bring boilers online, regulate their output, and turn them off if necessary.

The result of Miura’s MI system is maximizing the efficiency of each boiler. If a boiler doesn’t need to be on, it won’t be on and it won’t waste fuel. At the same time, the second another boiler is needed, the system knows to turn on an extra boiler. It’s the ideal system for keeping up with fluctuating steam demands in the most efficient way possible.

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