Get to Know Your Local Miura Rep: John Hilton from GVA Northwest, LLC

Get to Know Your Local Miura Rep: John Hilton from GVA Northwest, LLC

Miura is proud to work with forward-thinking partners to help deliver modular steam boilers to customers looking to innovate their steam. With more than 30 Miura Partners across America in addition to our own Miura team, there’s a local representative near you equipped with the expertise you need.

For facilities located in Washington and Oregon, GVA Northwest, LLC is proud to take care of your steam boiler needs. To learn out more about John Hilton and his team, we sat down for a chat about their 26 years of experience with Miura boilers.

Tell us about yourself and GVA Northwest, LLC:

“We expanded from GVA Inc. to GVA Northwest, LLC in 1999 and are a sales and service company representing a variety of manufacturing products. For boilers, Miura is our main product line and we’ve represented them since around 1994. One of our clients even has a vintage Miura LX200SG boiler from 1995 that still runs well. Overall, we focus on giving the end-user the highest efficiency, reliability, and low-emission boiler in the industry with Miura.

I started in the industry in 1985 working with food processing equipment. In 1999, I took the opportunity to go into business with two others to form GVA Northwest, LLC, and by January 2019 I was the sole owner. I had to transition from supplying and designing equipment for sales to being on the sales side. Essentially, it is the same concept: I find out how much steam a facility needs and make it happen.”

What inspires you about the industry?

“With the diversity of projects from hospitals, food, and specificity projects, every visit is different with no cookie-cutter applications. Each project is a challenge to weed through the variables and circumstances to narrow down the best application for their operation. I try to find the best way to handle a project, and Miura’s boiler system provides a wide range of flexibility.”

Why Miura boilers?

“For someone needing steam flexibility, reliability, and energy efficiency, having a large boiler broken down into smaller units is a plus. With Miura, you are only using what you need instead of heating a large mass. You only operate the boiler to meet the need of that operation and easily gear up or down. Overall, it’s a simple means of meeting low emissions and energy efficiency with the best monitoring and data gathering possible.”

What is in store for the future of boilers?

“Steam boilers will always be there and will continue to grow. Miura was the first modular system and it was a hard effort to educate at first. But the modular design has become more accepted, especially with such great energy efficiency. The improved labor and maintenance experience gave many industries, especially food and breweries, greater steam operating convenience. In the future, I see that modularization will improve and continue to stay ahead.”