Get to Know Your Local Miura Rep: Dennis Welsch from Calpacific Equipment

Get to Know Your Local Miura Rep: Dennis Welsch from Calpacific Equipment

Miura is proud to work with forward-thinking partners to help deliver modular steam boilers to customers looking to innovate their steam. With more than 30 Miura Partners across America in addition to our own Miura team, there’s a local representative near you equipped with the expertise you need.

Recently, we sat down with Dennis Welsch, President and Owner at Calpacific Equipment Company, to help you get to know him and his team as the lead steam industry specialist for northern California.

Tell us about yourself and Calpacific Equipment Company:

“Calpacific Equipment has been in business for 70 years as a steam specialties manufacturer’s representative. We work directly with end-users to improve the operation of their steam, hot water, and condensate systems. We also assist design engineers and work with mechanical contractors on their projects. I enjoy that every day is different. We serve both industrial and institutional markets, so we see a variety of processes and issues.”

What inspires you about the industry? 

“It’s nice to get up every day and help customers by making them safer, more productive, and energy-efficient. We’re able to bring a lot of value and show them the benefits of the solutions we provide. It is much more in-depth than selling parts. That drive has helped us become the guys that customers call first to get projects done right.”

Why Miura boilers?

“Miura is a good decision because the boilers are safe, easy to operate, and the modular approach is the best solution you can ask for. The strongest differentiator is you can ramp up boilers to match the peak demands and flow of production. When we show customers how much capital they can save with the modular approach, they get it right away.”

What is in store for the future of boilers? 

“Steam is the most efficient utility that exists. Steam is used in institutional settings and industrial plants. In addition, many industrial processes require temperatures that cannot be reached by other means. There will always be a demand for steam.”