Get to Know Your Local Miura Rep: Craig Simons from CCS

Get to Know Your Local Miura Rep: Craig Simons from CCS

Miura is proud to work with forward-thinking partners to help deliver modular steam boilers to customers looking to innovate their steam. With more than 30 Miura Partners across America in addition to our own Miura team, there’s a local representative near you equipped with the expertise you need.

The team at Combustion & Control Solutions (CCS) brings distinguished expertise to the southeast region to help solve your steam challenges. We sat down with Craig Simons, Sales Manager at CCS, to learn more.

Tell us about yourself:

“I was introduced to Miura at the representative level in 2007 when working out of Mobile and took the boilers under my wing. In 2014, I joined RJ Mechanical to design and build systems for users. Now, I’ve joined with CCS to represent and supply equipment for turnkey installations, with Miura being a big focus for boilers. With Miura, we’re able to design and build entire boiler rooms and steam systems as an all-in-one, turn-key project including design, fabrication, installation, and service.”

What inspires you about the industry?

“I enjoy applying the latest proven technology available in boiler systems to solve problems concerning efficiency and performance. We are focused on energy efficiency and Miura is the most efficient way to make steam. Our expertise can bring a customer not just a boiler system, but everything surrounding and supporting it.

Miura is a unique product with high value and a full steam solution. With Steam-as-a-Service, it allows us to do what most don’t do and provides a unique offering. At the end of the day, the benefits outweigh the cost by several-fold.”

Why Miura boilers?

“A customer who appreciates the overall and long-term value of the Miura system will be more likely to buy it and get the full benefit. Miura boilers do well with customers who are focused on long-term results and efficiency. It’s important to discuss the customer’s business goals to see if it is a good fit and to make sure they appreciate the offerings.”

What is in store for the future of boilers?

“The future of steam is good, but it is important to note that steam use has shifted. In the future, fewer people will use steam for building heat and those looking for more high-end process heating will make up most of the industry. They will be more interested in value and high-performance equipment. Those who are providing the highest efficiency systems will have greater opportunities in a market with fewer users.”