6 Advantages of Choosing a Modular Boiler System

6 Advantages of Choosing a Modular Boiler System

Modular boilers are the ideal solution to your steam needs. Why? They provide numerous benefits, particularly when compared to conventional boiler systems.

When you purchase a modular boiler for your steam room, you can count on getting six distinct advantages you won’t see with traditional boilers.

1. They save space

Compact, modular boilers save space, which is an immense advantage over space-hogging and outdated fire-tube boilers. As Miura sales representative Brandon Hargett of Boiler Masters Inc. in Greensboro, NC states, “you have some areas of the country that cost per square foot of a boiler room is pretty expensive. So, with Miura’s technology, they have one of the smaller footprints per output on the market as far as boilers are concerned.” In addition to the smaller footprint, Miura’s compact boiler design also eliminates tube-pull and door-swing spaces required by traditional boiler designs.

2. They reduce construction costs

Miura’s compact design comes with significant savings on new construction costs. As Hargett continues, “building a new boiler steam room, or steam plant, for whether it’s a hospital or manufacturing facility, you can reduce their first cost by decreasing the footprint of the utility room.” Miura’s boilers require half the space of a conventional fire-tube boiler which amounts to a substantial savings on building costs.

3. They save energy

Each Miura boiler comes with a burner, working independently of the other units. And each can run on propane, gas, or oil, interchangeably. So you can choose the most cost-effective option for your steam plant. With the Multiple Installation System (MI), organizations can implement an on-demand steam plant, built to handle current steam loads. While steam needs may fluctuate quickly, the system responds by promptly turning on or off to avoid wasting water or energy. Using Miura’s compact boilers for your steam plant can save energy costs. In fact, you can typically find energy savings of up to 20 percent.

4. They back each other up during downtime or maintenance

With Miura’s MI system, your steam plant remains operational during maintenance. Just shut down the boiler receiving service while the remaining units handle your steam requirements. With less than half a day required for routine maintenance, there’s never a need for a plant shutdown.

5. They provide flexibility

As businesses grow, steam needs may increase. With modular boilers, you can add or remove boilers, as required to meet steam demands.

6. They increase efficiency

Another benefit of modular boilers is improved efficiency, compared to the old fire-tube design. Hargett explains how Miura’s modular systems have revolutionized the way we think about efficiency: “The old-school train of thought was if a facility’s peak load in the winter time requires a 600 boiler horsepower, then facility would require a single boiler that is able to meet that demand, even if the demand is only required for a few weeks or month out of a year.”

However, most facilities don’t require maximum capacity on a year-round basis. Hargett continues, “they have a large unit that runs at a decreased firing rate, which is less efficient than what that unit is designed to run at the higher levels of output.”

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