How To Start Up And Shut Down A Miura Boiler

When working with any large, expensive piece of equipment, it’s always best to master the basics. For your Miura boiler, this means knowing how to turn it on and off the right way. After all, if you can’t master those steps, the boiler won’t be able to meet your steam demands while improving your fuel efficiency. Let’s take a look at everything you need to know about starting up and shutting down your Miura boiler.

Pre-Startup Checks

Before you start your Miura boiler, there are a number of things you need to double check to ensure everything goes according to plan once you turn the boiler on. The first step is turning on the circuit breaker to your boiler’s main power. You will then open your boiler’s air bleed valve for five seconds before closing it to help get rid of any air inside. You should then double check that your boiler’s blow down valve is closed.

The next step is confirming that your boiler’s feed water tank is at least two-thirds full. Once this is confirmed, you can open all of the main feed water valves, the open main gas valve, and the pilot valve. At this point, you should confirm that the reading on your gas pressure gauge is within normal range. Finally, double check that your feed water is soft enough to go into your boiler and ensure that the main steam valve is closed. If you’re using a Miura EX boiler, you also need to use the fuel switch to select the type of fuel you’re using. We recommend propane, natural gas, or oil #2.

Starting Up

Once your pre-checks are taken care of, you’re ready to turn on the operations switch. When you do this, the status light will turn green and water level control will begin. If your boiler requires more water, the status light will turn red. Once the required water level has been confirmed, your boiler’s pre-purge will begin, which will be followed by the ignition of the pilot burner.

Your system will then perform low-fire combustion for roughly 10 seconds before the high-fire combustion begins. You should wait for the steam pressure gauge to reach the appropriate level before slowly opening the main steam valve. Your boiler will then alternate between low-fire and high-fire in order to create steam at the rated pressure level. At this point, it’s important to listen to the feed water pump, blower, and other key parts to make sure your boiler isn’t making any unusual noises aside from its normal humming sound. You should then check that the readings on both the steam pressure gauge and the gas gauge are within normal range.

Shutting Down

When you’re ready to turn off your Miura boiler, turn off the operational switch, which should also turn the green status light off. You should then close the main steam valve, main water feed vales, and main gas valve. Finally, turn off the circuit breaker.

If you have any questions or concerns about turning your boiler on and off, or any other procedures, double check the owner’s manual.